Friday, July 16, 2010


Yesterday I popped into the local health shop to price some pre-conception multi-vitamins. While I was in there the sales lady decided to point out some herbal tea which she said is supposed to be amazing. Of course, being me and not being able to resist potential new cures I thought I might give it a go, but first I went back to work and checked out the website to get a bit more info. It is a herbal tea which is supposed to tone and strengthen the female reproductive system, regulate the cycle and promote fertility (Here's the link if you're interested: So, off I went today and brought some! It tastes like flowers and I swear there were petals once I had infused it but I'm going to persevere! Does anyone else still hold onto the desperate hope that they could conceive naturally even after being told be fertility doctors that it is really unlikely?  I can't help but dream that it could still happen. I have seen numerous alternative therapists who have told me they strongly believe that I don't need IVF to conceive and it is simply a matter of fixing other issues - a hormone imbalance, blocked qi, yeast infections . . . it all depends on who you're talking to! But I can't help but carry that little bit of hope around that a miracle could still occur. Part of the reason I still hope is that:

A. I have a proven hormone imbalance which clearly presented itself when I was temping and showed conclusively that my progesterone was too low to support a pregnancy second half of my cycle. It has only been looking more promising for about 3 cycles in the past year and a half but is still not perfect - maybe if I can fix that I could be in with a chance?

B. I had a uterine polyp until January 09 (so the entire first 12 months TTC) and it returned within 8 weeks but wasn't removed again until August 09. Uterine polyps are known to reduce fertility.

C. I have a blocked tube which potentially (more than likely) halves my chances. 

SO really, I could have only had a year and a bits opportunity to actually conceive in the last 2 and a half years. This means that combined with a uterine polyp and hormone imbalance which has only been looking ok for 3 cycles, I have really only had one cycle I could have potentially conceived in . . .

Oh, to look at the bright side of things! How's that for wishful thinking!

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  1. I swing from positive thinking that we CAN concieve on our own to feeling like giving up as it doesn't happen month after month, but I think it's good to keep trying to be positive about it while you're waiting for treatment, and I think your list of why you can potentially concieve is a good incentive to keep going while you're waiting for IVF. I love that you look on the bright side of things-keeps me positive too!