Monday, July 5, 2010


So I actually started my exercise yesterday!! Yes, I did have two coffee's but I started my exercise which should count for something! I love the Wii fit, it's so much fun and you are exercising while you play. Maybe not strenuously but still . . . I cycled and collected flags, jogged with a virtual cat, did some hula hooping and flapped my arms like a bird to fly between platforms (only problem is I tended to fly upwards and not forwards . . .) In amongst my 'chicken flapping' display my husband came home and found me desperately flapping my arms and trying to get the stupid chicken to fly . . . it's not easy you know! Needless to say he was most amused! Next I moved on to step class where I just stepped up and down on a board for 10 minutes (kinda boring compared to the chicken flying) All up I did 30 minutes so I am rather proud of my effort! Even if according to the Wii fitness test my fitness age is 45 and I am in fact only 28 . . . always room for improvement! Now to keep it up every night . . .


  1. OMG-jogging with a virtual cat!teehee that is definitely my kind of exercise!Good on you though for making a start-seeing as we are buddies I better get myself into gear!Jane xxx

  2. I can't get the stupid chicken to fly either...ever! needless to say, DF can and even gets to the bonus platform at the end...pfft!

  3. I think the trick is to lean foward, or maybe it's to lean backwards....?
    Those of us waiting for IVF must be doing wonders for the sale of Wii products!