Saturday, July 10, 2010


If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen to me. I'm THAT girl.

The first time I went overseas I went to America on my own. I was only 19 years old and I was so excited but of course crazy nervous! I joked to everyone that it would be just typical of me that I would lose my luggage on the flight. Does that ever happen outside movies?! I told my mum 'Knowing me, my luggage will go missing' Never truly believing it . . . so I turn up in LA and go to get my bags . . . round and round the carousel goes until there are no bags left. And wouldn't you know it! My luggage was indeed missing! I couldn't believe it! Turns out, I was in LA and my bags were still in Auckland! I got them a week later but that was just the start of a bit of a tradition of experiences like those (which seem to mirror my TTC journey in some ways!)

I worked at a summer camp in NY for 8 weeks and guess who came across a tarantula hiding in a roll of paper in the arts and crafts room . . . that would be me! I went on a tour after the camp which took in the East Coast of the States and some of Canada and at one campground I was sitting at the edge of the ocean, taking in the view and having a couple of drinks . . . 10 minutes later a HUGE bang and where I had been sitting was just a hole in the ground (to this day I have no idea what it was that caused it!) Good. At one of our campgrounds on the same trip we were evacuated for a tornado warning. Next, I went to NYC and was there when 9/11 happened and had to change up all my flights as I had been due to fly out a few days later on United Airlines. A week later I did fly home and the plane I was on got caught up in heavy fog in Auckland (after they had dumped all the food and drink in perparation for landing of course!) and we had to land at a military base and sit on the plane for 4 hours in the middle of nowhere (although some of the overseas passengers seemed very excited about the sheep they could see out their windows!) This was a first and was all over the news. My mum rang the airport to get an update on my flight and was told 'We can't find that plane, we don't know where it is!' Um . . . enough to cause a heart attack!! I did make it home safe and sound though. What else . . . I brought a bed off a guy who got caught up in the Bali bombings a week later, my plane from Heathrow was the only one to take of in a severe thunderstorm as it was easier than getting everyone back off again (Captains words!), one of the buses in the London bombing blew up outside my hotel a week after I left . . . you get the picture!

I feel like my TTC journey mirrors this . . . only a certain percentage will not be pregnant after a year (tick!), after two years (tick!), they did the laparoscopy and dye test to check everything was as it should be but I was told not to worry because at my age it would be fine (of course, it wasn't and they found three things!), only a tiny percentage get cycles cancelled for over response (tick!), only a tiny percentage get OHSS (tick!) . . . like I said, I'm THAT girl. I'll probably be the one having the next octuplets.

If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen to me! 


  1. oooo... that is tempting fate! LOL!

  2. Octuplets would be nice............. Athena xox

  3. if you are going to have the baby that will be the next NZ supermodel you will cause yep you are that girl. bloody fabulous!!