Saturday, June 9, 2012


We made it! I am officially into my second trimester (13w2d to be exact).

We had our 12 week scan last Monday and it was amazing to see that little baby in there, waving away! I still get moments of wondering how the hell this happened (natural I'd assume after all we went through to conceive Cohen, I just don't get HOW this baby came to be when so many things needed to align exactly in order to make it happen, but there was the proof staring at us!). Cohen is such a great distraction that I often forget I am even pregnant (aside from the big belly that has literally popped out and is about the size I was with Cohen at 20 weeks!). I swear my body just went 'Hey, I remember this! POOF!' overnight and there was this big preggy belly. Certainly no hiding it! I have been struggling with morning sickness again with the same intensity as Cohen and suspect I am carrying another boy as the pregnancies have been remarkably similar, right down to this babies heart rate being identical to it's brother at the 12 week scan (spot on 165bpm). Cravings are identical and all! We'll see if I'm right but I would say I am 95% positive we are team blue again.

And here it is! Miracle#2 giving a wave!