Wednesday, April 18, 2012


As mentioned before, Cohen's latest trick is to stand up on the furniture. But now it is all the time. Anything that he can pull himself up on, he does. Only problem is that because the little mite can't sit, he inevitably topples head first. Most babies at the stage of climbing would just fall backwards onto their bums in a sitting position. Mine topples like a stone statue - either straight back or to the side. Bang. Wah. "Mum, mum, mum". Wah. We have cuddles and then he's fine. So I put him down on the floor and he crawls off and finds his next climbing target and does the exact same thing. Again. Sometimes I manage to race across the room (picture slow motion diving) and catch him mid fall but sometimes, no matter how vigilant I am, he manages to slip through my fingers again and it's the inevitable, BANG. WAH. It's like groundhog day.

We also had another bad mummy moment on Sunday. I'm ashamed to admit that he fell off the change table. I think I was alot more shaken than he was! Babies are incredibly resilient but I got the fright of my life! I only turned my back and lifted my hand for 2 seconds to grab the nappy cream and like slow motion, I saw him go. A few tears and he was fine but my heart didn't stop pounding for a long time afterwards. And then I ahd to confess to the HG. Oops! We will be using the change mat on the floor from now on!

In better news, I have a tall child on my hands. Which is strange because both the HG and I are short asses. How he is in the 98th percentile for height for his age (77.5cm tall) I just don't know! He's still only 9.3kg in weight, so he's long and lean. We do need to take him to a doctor though as his front fontanelle has closed prematurely (they're not supposed to close until 15 months) but because his head is still growing, hopefully it will just need to be monitored and nothing to worry about. As a mum though, any little thing of concern can eat you up so I have been staying away from Dr Google and will just schedule an appointment at our local GP soon, just to be on the safe side. All in all though, I have a healthy wee cherub who is going to be a hell of a handful once he figures out walking running. I think he'll skip the walking stage!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Remember what I was saying the other day about C not liking to hold his own food?
Apparently that does not apply to chocolate!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I'm pretty sure all babies have their quirks. Some won't sleep, some won't roll, some won't eat off a spoon, some refuse the bottle and some probably hate the water.

We have a few quirks making their appearance at the moment: #1. C refuses to sit. #2. He won't pick up and eat food, he will only be spoonfed, and #3. He refuses to stand in water.

#3 doesn't bother me, in fact I find it highly amusing. He LOVES his bath time but you have to put him down in the bath by lowering him onto his back. You can't put him in feet first because he will lift his little legs up as high as he can so he doesn't dip his toes in the water. Even when I lift him out of the bath and try to shake the water off him and lower him into a standing position, he refuses to put his legs down. Same thing at the beach. Except at the beach I made him dip his toes in the ocean which resulted in hysterical crying. Strange child.

As for #1 and #2, these are causing a few hazards. The no sitting thing is mostly causing him a headache. He can now climb up things (and does it at every opportunity he can get!) but then he doesn't know how to get down. Most babies would fall backwards onto their bums in a sitting position, but mine falls backwards onto his bum and then backwards again onto his head (or sideways from a standing position and onto his head). Needless to say we often get a few tears due to this. If I attempt to put him into a sitting position he will pull his legs back up against him and try to force himself up into a standing position. I'm not sure at this point if it's a case of can't sit or won't sit but being a paranoid first time mummy, I turned to Google (duh!) and read that by 9 months old they should be able to sit unassisted by now and if not then you should see a doctor. Cue a bit of panic. But then I spoke to someone in my IVF group who mentioned that their daughter was the same and didn't sit until they were 1. So I will try not to be overly concerned at this point and ride it out as one of his quirks. Albeit one that causes a few tears per day.

Then comes #2. He doesn't like touching food or any strange textures that he is not used to. This is where the obstacles of being a working mum kicks in. My MIL does all three daily meals so it's hard for me to be consistent on this particular quirk as I am not the one feeding him during the week and I can't expect her to let him get filthily covered in food and bathed every day to try and teach him how to feed himself. He will eat his biccies and rusks, but anything else (like toast, sandwiches or fruit) gets promptly screwed up or flicked off his hand. This is something I need to work on as he should be eating snacks by now and not just being a little prince who eats all food off a spoon! Although, I can see how that could be appealing! So this Easter, my goal is to get messy with him and introduce him to a range of foods and textures and see what happens. Except, we did try this last night and he would not even attempt to touch any of the food but happily picked up the plastic bowl, dumped the contents and proceeded to bang it on the highchair. Wish me luck!

Does anyone else have a baby with similar quirks? What are your bubs quirks?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It's been awhile since I shared any photos of Cohen so I thought being a  Wednesday,
it was the perfect time to share!