Wednesday, April 18, 2012


As mentioned before, Cohen's latest trick is to stand up on the furniture. But now it is all the time. Anything that he can pull himself up on, he does. Only problem is that because the little mite can't sit, he inevitably topples head first. Most babies at the stage of climbing would just fall backwards onto their bums in a sitting position. Mine topples like a stone statue - either straight back or to the side. Bang. Wah. "Mum, mum, mum". Wah. We have cuddles and then he's fine. So I put him down on the floor and he crawls off and finds his next climbing target and does the exact same thing. Again. Sometimes I manage to race across the room (picture slow motion diving) and catch him mid fall but sometimes, no matter how vigilant I am, he manages to slip through my fingers again and it's the inevitable, BANG. WAH. It's like groundhog day.

We also had another bad mummy moment on Sunday. I'm ashamed to admit that he fell off the change table. I think I was alot more shaken than he was! Babies are incredibly resilient but I got the fright of my life! I only turned my back and lifted my hand for 2 seconds to grab the nappy cream and like slow motion, I saw him go. A few tears and he was fine but my heart didn't stop pounding for a long time afterwards. And then I ahd to confess to the HG. Oops! We will be using the change mat on the floor from now on!

In better news, I have a tall child on my hands. Which is strange because both the HG and I are short asses. How he is in the 98th percentile for height for his age (77.5cm tall) I just don't know! He's still only 9.3kg in weight, so he's long and lean. We do need to take him to a doctor though as his front fontanelle has closed prematurely (they're not supposed to close until 15 months) but because his head is still growing, hopefully it will just need to be monitored and nothing to worry about. As a mum though, any little thing of concern can eat you up so I have been staying away from Dr Google and will just schedule an appointment at our local GP soon, just to be on the safe side. All in all though, I have a healthy wee cherub who is going to be a hell of a handful once he figures out walking running. I think he'll skip the walking stage!


  1. I understand the bad mummy moment - my wee one fell off the bed in a stupid moment of inattention. I never thought I would be a mum who would 'let' my child fall off the bed but these things seem to happen to even the most careful people. It leaves you feeling so shaken. Afterwards my mind went crazy and I thought about all the years it took to conceive him and how quickly we could lose him in a silly accident - left me a bit paranoid for a while! And just when I was getting over it, I tripped & fell in the street when I was carrying him and caught his head on the side of a parked car! Another awful moment but I am slowly realising that accidents will happen no matter how careful I am. In my head I know I'm not a bad mummy when these things happen but that doesn't make it any easier at the time!

  2. Great to hear that he's growing so well and so active :)... sounds like he's keeping you on your toes ! He'll learn to sit soon and be onto his next adventure :)) xo

  3. Certainly sounds like he is keeping you on your toes Haidee!!

  4. Old bb stalker, glad your blogging again :) you may not think people are reading well they r! Ive enjoyed your journey! You only have to type into google "maybe baby or" and your blog is there :) cohen is a beautiful bubba! Well worth the wait :) i had trouble ttc too! My family is complete now but just wanted say! Where did the strong unbeatable haidee go??? Was sad to read u were putting off ttc cuz of timing! Wtfff Dont wait for the perfect timing! Sorry to say there is no such thing.... Like cohen going through the drunk n bump stage :) cute stage! U cant prevent or predict life, it just happens If your blessed to fall pregnant its meant to be, money can always grow again n its a hell of alot easier having kids closer in age :) u know your body, you know u can do it ! Your just scared n u need to put your big girl shoes on n get over the fear, theres a bit of hard work ahead but the end result is your family will be complete :) with or without sibling at least u gave it a shot :) as for perfect timing..... The answer is a question... What is the beautiful message on cohens wall