Saturday, May 5, 2012


I can't believe it is nearly Cohen's 1st birthday. Next month! Where did the time go! It is a dramatic difference how fast the time flies past me now compared to when we were TTC. This means I need to start thinking about a party! Initially I had planned to have quite a big birthday party for him but I have had a change of heart and decided to just do a smaller afternoon tea with close family and friends so I can concentrate on my little birthday boy rather than trying to entertain the guests. I need to get cracking on organising it and starting to think about the 1st birthday cake! Eek!

Anyone have any ideas on what I could do to make it extra special?


  1. I don't have any ideas but I'm going to be watching this thread like a hawk to see if anyone else does (since my girls birthday is next month too and I'm utterly unprepared) ;) I think we'll do a small get-together at the park in the afternoon where more people can drop by and then a more adult, smaller dinner celebration (with margaritas because hey, we need to celebrate the fact we made it through the first year too!) at our house in the early evening. Can you believe a year has already gone by!? It feels so surreal...

  2. WOW... a year already :)) Time flies so quickly !! There are so many gorgeous cake books... I follow their patterns and have always been pleased with the results. Love to you and Cohen xoxo

  3. Yay, first birthday - how very exciting!!! Man, how does time fly, I can't believe he is almost one!

  4. Wow and YAY... a year gone by, a great reason to celebrate. I made a train cake for one of my son's 1st birthday, and a Hungry Caterpillar cake for the other one... For my daughter I made a good old #1 cake. I highly recommend the Australian Womens Weekly cake books. Here are some of the cakes I have made over time for my family and friends.