Monday, May 30, 2011


HOW AM I FEELING: Sore and tired! It's starting to take alot out of me now and I'm pretty exhausted but I'm happy.

WEIGHT GAIN: I shudder to think! The scales are officially broken so I can't weigh myself which is probably a good thing!
CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS: Pies, anything with whipped cream, chocolate, coke . . . do you see a theme going on here? An unhealthy theme?
MOVEMENT: He rolls around in there alot still and I get poked and prodded and sometimes it hurts. I think he's run out of room!
OTHER UPDATES: It's back to work for me today and I already hurt! Isn't it funny how when you're lounging around at home the aches and pains disappear and the moment you step out the door they come back?! I have 3 weeks of work left to endure and I was actually looking forward to coming back (as I previously mentioned) but now I just hope they go by pretty quickly and painlessly! The nursery is all set up now and it's down to the last bits and bobs to acquire. Bubs hospital bag is packed and ready and I need to buy a bag so I can actually pack mine! I was supposed to have it done by now, especially after getting the phone call to say a friend of mine who was due just 10 days ahead of me had her precious baby girl last Wednesday! Yikes! Life is busy juggling antenatal classes, midwife appointments and breastfeeding classes and is about to get a whole lot busier!

Only 35 days to go.

Am I freaking out yet? You betcha!


Friday, May 27, 2011


Here are a few photos of just how spoilt our little boy was at my baby shower!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Sorry for being so quiet for so long! Everything is fine, I haven't gone into premature labour or anything, I've just had a stupid cold which started last Friday and really kicked in on Monday and resulted in me taking the last 4 days off work. Im going slightly stir crazy with being stuck at home in isolation. If it was up to me I would have been back at work on Wednesday, but my work have informed me in no uncertain terms every day this week that I was not to go in as they don't want to get sick. So I planned to return tomorrow and just had a phone call to say I was to stay home AGAIN. Even though I actually feel pretty ok now. I don't know how some woman take off up to 6 weeks in advance for their maternity leave! I would go mad with boredom. 

Anyway, so I've actually been sick and I had my baby shower on the weekend too which kept me busy. This baby was sooooo super spoilt! He got so many clothes, wraps, blankets, baby products, teddy bears and everything else cute and cuddly that it was overwhelming. I will post some photos soon of what I was given once I organise them into a photo shoot for you all before I put them away. That was the plan for the weekend but maybe I'll start that tomorrow since I am on forced home lockdown. I will also get some photos of the nursery taken just as soon as I have all my wall hangings up! Thanks for your patience on this, I'm a perfectionist and so didn't want to show photos of the nursery until it is totally finished. I promise they will be up next week!

In the meantime, here is my 34 week baby bump photo . . . do I look as huge as I feel?!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

CLICK HERE to join in the fun!

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to those who have participated and to ALL my readers and virtual friends who I have met on this journey. I feel that my life has been changed by the road I have travelled to get to mummyhood, but when I look back I also think that that road (as painful as it was) has made me who I am today and I have been so blessed with so many great friends who I never would have met if it wasn't for IF. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for embracing me and supporting me.

I promise I will reply to each and every one of you who has participated but I'm afraid it will be spread throughout the day as I am stuck at work! I hope you all enjoy munching on the goodies and going goo goo over all the adorable baby things! And I promise I'll try not to cry too much but tears are inevitable! I am still in slight disbelief that this is REALLY happening and still get teary every time I step in the nursery. We are just so excited that in just a few weeks we are going to be holding such a precious bundle in our arms and I look forward to sharing this next stage of my journey with you all. xox

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Please click here to read the update on Athena's blog regarding my virtual baby shower tomorrow!

I'm so excited for it and I have my (non-virtual) baby shower on Sunday and I'm super excited for that too! The fridge is loaded up with sparkly wine (for the guests of course, just sparkly grape juice for me!) plus lots of yummy food and some blue and white balloons to blow up and decorate with. My Nana and two Aunts are travelling 5 hours to be there and I can't wait to have some 'girly' time with them as well. We'll be doing the traditional games too so hopefully I'll have some fun photos to share with you all next week and of course, photos of the nursery!

I can't believe how quickly time is starting to fly now, he's going to be here in no time!

Monday, May 16, 2011


On Saturday I spent the day putting the nursery together (at last!). The painting was finished, the cot was up (after a fun Friday night where things didn't go quite according to plan and we had to take it apart and put it back together a couple of times to get it right! Much to the HG's annoyance but honestly, the instructions SUCKED) and the other furniture that had been taking up residence in the lounge got moved in. I pulled out the little clothes and sorted them out, I loaded up the cubbyholes in the change table with wipes and nappies and baby talcum powder, I attached the cot mobile to the cot, put the teddy bears on display . . . and then I promptly burst into tears. I just couldn't believe here I was in MY house, setting up MY nursery for MY son. Infertility never leaves us. I may be pregnant now but the pain of what I have gone through the past 3 years will never be forgotten and I will never take for granted how lucky I am to be having a baby in just 7 short weeks.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So, the HG and I had our first ever antenatal class on Monday night and we went into it thinking we had a pretty good grasp on things . . . that was until we realised that we really didn't! The HG spent the whole class whispering to me 'Did you know that?' and me whispering back 'No, did you?'.

Our classes run every Monday night for 2 hours and the first one was what they call the 'basics' - nappies (cloth, disposable, reuseable), preventing flat heads, making up the bassinet/cot, bathing. I had no idea that you weren't supposed to use soap on a newborn (why then are there so many advertised!), that babies shouldn't sleep flat on their backs as they'll get a flat head, that there were so many flash modern reuseable nappies available, that you shouldn't use a plastic bassinet or cot cover and should just use a woolen one, that babies don't know their hands and arms belong to them and should be swaddled as they have a tendency to hit themselves in the head and wake themselves up . . . the list goes on! All in all we found the class to be very informative and amusing. I think we are very lucky in that we have a class that is run by someone with a great sense of humour who doesn't go on and on and on about the same things and is in no way boring. I have heard nightmare stories from friends, so this is a blessing. We got handed out cloth nappies and told to fold along with her and I got a nudge towards the end from the HG who upon receiving his cloth nappy had immediately folded it into a triangle and declared he was done and then when he was asked to follow instructions got completely lost and while the rest of us had our nappies folded to perfection he was still trying to figure out the first two folds. The poor boy! This is going to be a fun journey! And an amusing one for my blog readers!

We have 8 couples in our class but no one spoke to one another - it was one of those awkward times where everyone kind of sizes each other up but everyone is too shy to say anything. Hopefully next class will be a bit better because if these ladies are going to form my coffee group we really need to get to know one another! They're all around our age though which is great.

Anyway, next class we are watching the baby come out through a plastic cervix - JOY!

Monday, May 9, 2011


HOW AM I FEELING: I'd like to say I am still feeling wonderful and glowing with good health but unfortunately I think the third trimester aches and pains are starting to set in a wee bit. No complaints though because the longer he cooks and the bigger I get, the healthier he'll be! But I wish it was easier to put on my socks and get dressed in the morning, all those awkward angles to get legs in pants and socks on feet are a bit painful!

WEIGHT GAIN: Got the scales working again and I'm verging on 10kg. Oops!

CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS: Pretty much anything that is greasy and unhealthy! Hence the 10kg weight gain.

MOVEMENT: Still lots and lots of movement going on! The cat has taken to sleeping on my tummy alot lately and when he gets on there and starts purring the baby must feel the vibrations because he goes crazy kicking the cat really hard. The cat doesn't seem overly concerned though and stays put.

OTHER UPDATES: Drum roll please . . . the nursery is nearly finished! One more coat on the blue and we're ready to move in! Yesterday we put together the toy box and the change table and managed to do so without yelling at one another. Progress! I don't know what your partners/husbands are like but mine can be pretty impatient with this kind of thing, so I stuck with reading the instructions and let him put it together (which he he did like a pro, I was most impressed!). Only problem is that the change table (which is actually a set of drawers and cubbyholes and you just put a change mat on top) was missing a few crucial bits for the drawers . . . hopefully I get those in the post ASAP so we can finish it. The house currently looks like the store room of a furniture shop and it's driving me crazy!

UPCOMING MILESTONES: We start our antenatal classes tonight and I'm really excited. I desperately NEED these classes as right now I just feel clueless. It will certainly be interesting!

Only 56 days to go!

Monday, May 2, 2011


I'm so excited!

My dear friend Athena is throwing me a virtual baby shower and you are all invited to attend! Just pop over to Athena's blog 'A Field of Dreams' via this link Haidee's Virtual Baby Shower to get the details.

Thanks Athena!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


HOW AM I FEELING: Still feeling pretty darn great actually! I found out at my latest midwife appointment that I have low iron reserves which explains the tiredness and mild headaches that were starting to slide in, but I started on iron tablets and got some more pregnancy multis and have felt better since then. My bump is still manageable and not so big it's getting in my way and I'm still sleeping well. Even managed to paint my toenails yesterday! Granted it was a bit uncomfortable and awkward, but I did it!

WEIGHT GAIN: I have no idea! The scales ran out of batteries (conveniently!) and I haven't replaced them. I've decided not to bother weighing myself anymore and just try and be good on the food front (ok, good most of the time . . . )

CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS:Marshmallow easter eggs. Mmmm.

MOVEMENT: He's started getting squirmier again, especially at night when I go to bed and in the mornings when I wake up. In fact he's kicking about right now!

OTHER UPDATES: Nope, the nursery is still not finished! One more coat of paint needed on the walls and we're done! But then I still have to wait for the HG to put all the furniture together for me and the weather has been too nice this weekend so I've barely seen him. Grr.

UPCOMING MILESTONES: We start our antenatal classes next Monday and I have my baby shower coming up on the 22nd May. I'm super excited for it, I've always wanted one complete with all the silly games and I can't wait! Also, only 7 more weeks of work to go and counting!

30w6d bump