Thursday, May 26, 2011


Sorry for being so quiet for so long! Everything is fine, I haven't gone into premature labour or anything, I've just had a stupid cold which started last Friday and really kicked in on Monday and resulted in me taking the last 4 days off work. Im going slightly stir crazy with being stuck at home in isolation. If it was up to me I would have been back at work on Wednesday, but my work have informed me in no uncertain terms every day this week that I was not to go in as they don't want to get sick. So I planned to return tomorrow and just had a phone call to say I was to stay home AGAIN. Even though I actually feel pretty ok now. I don't know how some woman take off up to 6 weeks in advance for their maternity leave! I would go mad with boredom. 

Anyway, so I've actually been sick and I had my baby shower on the weekend too which kept me busy. This baby was sooooo super spoilt! He got so many clothes, wraps, blankets, baby products, teddy bears and everything else cute and cuddly that it was overwhelming. I will post some photos soon of what I was given once I organise them into a photo shoot for you all before I put them away. That was the plan for the weekend but maybe I'll start that tomorrow since I am on forced home lockdown. I will also get some photos of the nursery taken just as soon as I have all my wall hangings up! Thanks for your patience on this, I'm a perfectionist and so didn't want to show photos of the nursery until it is totally finished. I promise they will be up next week!

In the meantime, here is my 34 week baby bump photo . . . do I look as huge as I feel?!



  1. Looking at your baby bump is gorgeous you are perfectly size big at 34 weeks nice and round like a watermelon...can I rub it ? I know thats a pet hate but for women with IF I want to feel it lol
    Sorry to hear you are unwell...I hate being unwell especially when you cant take much...Im on IVF #1 and have come down with a ticklish throat...Must be my body coping with dealing with producing lots of eggs...Im glad you are feeling better though and you enjoyed your physical baby shower cant wait to see photos

  2. You look FABULOUS! And enjoy the enforced days off.

  3. Gorgeous bump! Looking forward to your photos of the gifts and nursery.

  4. Being home is hard, I can sympathize (going on 10 weeks off here). Too bad you've been sick. You look great, definitely not huge!

  5. What a fantastic bump, almost there too! You are the first person I've followed pre-pregnancy all the way through and I'm so excited for you! Sorry about your cold, but glad they made you stay home.