Friday, December 31, 2010


Just wanted to wish you all a happy new year! I won't be having a late one tonight as the HG and I have decided to go fishing in the morning (yep, I'm going fishing! Wish me luck!) I'm a wee bit cautious about these plans given my morning sickness but it hasn't bothered me at all the last day or two which is why I have been brave enough to agree to go, but still . . . I am also cautious about this 4.30am wake up and having to ride in the boat down the hill to the beach being towed by the tractor! Given it'll be 5am though I think we should be safe! I haven't been out on the boat with the HG for yonks so I am actually quite looking forward to it and hoping to catch my very first snapper. Will be sure to take a photo if I do! Spent a couple of hours at the beach today too and got a wee bit sunburnt (lesson learnt - DO NOT let you husband apply the sunscreen! Do it yourself. I am now patchy!) Not bad enough to concern me though, should fade by tomorrow (hopefully!) 

I hope you all have far more exciting plans for ringing in the NY! For those of you who can drink, please have a glass of bubbles for me! I will toast you with my grape juice sometime tomorrow. 

And to finish off - below is a poem I found which I think is appropriate for many of you:
Happy New Year

If it didn't bring you joy
just leave it behind
Let's ring in the new year
with good things in mind

Let every bad memory
that brought heartache and pain
And let's turn a new leaf
with the smell of new rain

Let's forget past mistakes
making amends for this year
Sending you these greetings
to bring you hope and cheer
Happy New Year!

See you in 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Sorry I have been such a slack blogger! Quite simply, I really haven't had much of interest to report! I had a wonderful Christmas with family and the MS buggered off long enough for me to have a nausea free day and eat to my hearts content, which I may have done too well as Boxing Day was a disaster! I felt so ill again and vomited my heart out (and probably most of Christmas lunch) and felt pretty darn miserable. BUT it only lasted one day and the last few have been great (phew!) on that front. I think it might actually be starting to go away which is such a relief. I know it probably irks to have someone who is pregnant and should be embracing all that comes with it including the miserable reality of MS moaning about it, but I have since learnt that it is difficult to embrace something that takes over your life and makes you feel so miserable. Having said that though, I certainly appreciate the fact that I am pregnant! I am a few days away from the second trimester now (currently 13w3d) and super excited to jump into the next part of this pregnancy and out of the critical danger zone. I don't think I am ever going to fully relax until this baby is in my arms though. 
I have spent the past few days really relaxing and not doing much at all except a bit of housework but it's been good and probably what my body has been craving. God knows I couldn't wait till work had finished so I could just have a break and put my feet up. Now though I am starting to get a little restless and should really tackle the spare bedroom (AKA the nursery to be) and start clearing it out but it is such a daunting task that I am procrastinating like crazy! It is currently our spare bedroom aka the HG's fishing/diving/surf gear storage room. Problem is we only have a 2 bedroom house and no storage (we don't have a garage and can't afford to build one at this time) so the task ahead of me is almost impossible. We really need to figure something out and soon. Not only that but I accumulated so much stuff when my mum died that was precious to her but I personally don't know what to do with it all. So many beautiful linens (she was really into her luxury and antique type stuff) that you couldn't possibly actually use it as it's far too nice so it sits in drawers untouched. Also scrap books of her gardens, craft ideas etc that she pored over and spent hours on that are of no interest to me particularly but I feel disloyal to part with. So hard. Anyway, I will procrastinate another day and worry about it tomorrow!
Oh, and a little birdie mentioned on their blog that next year is the Year of the Rabbit so I have a good feeling about 2011 and the remainder of my friends getting their long awaited BFP's!! Bring it on!

Friday, December 24, 2010


Merry Christmas everyone! I just want to thank you all for your valuable support this year. It's sure been one hell of a rollarcoaster. 3 fresh IVF cycles in the space of 10 months - one cancelled, one BFN combined with OHSS and finally our little miracle. I have no complaints. I am just so over the moon to be having a baby at long last and to finally have my Christmas wish come true. My hope is that for all of you who are still trying to get here that 2011 will be your year and I am just fervently praying that all your dreams come true. I hope you can draw some inspiration from the fact that we got there in the end with so many obstacles - 3 years TTC, 2 ops, a blocked tube, suspected PCOS, hormone imbalance, recurring uterine polyps, 9 cycles of clomid and 3 cycles of IVF. You can do this ladies!! And on that note . . . below is a photo of my bump at 12w3d. It may look like the dog is gazing adoringly at my bump but unfortunately he is actually gazing at his Christmas stocking hanging above my head containing one giant rawhide bone wrapped in bright red wrapping paper! 

Merry Christmas and many happy returns!
I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 20, 2010


I am going to put a link to this in my side panel so everyone can have a go. Let's see who's closest when baby is born! We have to start early and all votes will need to be in by the 20 week scan as we will be finding out the sex then (if baby cooperates that is!) 

So how does it work? You comment with the following four guesses:

DATE OF DELIVERY (official due date is 4th July 2011)
WEIGHT (in pounds please, not familiar with kilos when it comes to baby weights!)

Whoever get's closest wins! I can't wait to see what everyone predicts! I might even have a go myself and see how close I am but I ALWAYS lose this game at baby showers though so don't like my chances!

I'd like to offer a prize but unfortunately being in NZ and having readers all over the world this could prove tricky . . . we'll just have to play for the title of expert guesser instead! Hehe.

Happy guessing everyone and can't wait to see what you think! Oh, and if you comment under annonymous make sure you put a name at the end so we know who you are!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I found a website last night in my search for a checklist online that I could tick things off and be able to refer back to time and time again without searching out a piece of paper. And since an electronic checklist removes the items that are done it makes it easier to keep track. I found one which is excellent and I found something else too and I think it has become my new addiction . . .  it is a Name Adviser and you basically type in the full name you plan to name your child and it tells you the personality traits based on the numerology of that name. I thought it sounded like fun and then I put the HG's name in and it was uncannily accurate. I then put my birth name in and again, uncannily accurate. So I put the girls name we have chosen and I loved the results of that. And then I put in the boys name. Not so much! So I spelt it slightly differently and now I don't know which sounds better. I know I shouldn't read too much into it but I have always had an interest in these things and can't help at the back of my mind taking it into consideration. So here are the two versions of the name description (with the name removed - sorry girls but the name will be a surprise!) and I'm wondering which personality traits you would prefer . . .


This name is highly sensitive, promotes cooperation and diplomacy, and makes everyone feel safe and appreciated. Flexible and passionate, promotes adaptability and survival against all odds. The name indicates understanding, compassion, and intimacy, and tends to draw support with tact and subtle persuasion rather than force and confrontation. Having an intuitive ability to avoid land mines and pitfalls, and a strong sense of balance, this name promotes a careful and competent decision-making process.

To some people, this name feels weak and incompetent. As a result, it is often underestimated.

Most positive characteristics: Cooperation, tact, flexibility, tolerance, insight into the human psyche.

Most negative characteristics: Fear. Lacks confidence, lacks aggressiveness when needed.


This name reflects drive, a pioneering spirit, leadership, independence and originality. The energy behind this name is strong and forceful and promotes an unconventional, innovative, and decisive approach. Highly focused and self-reliant, the name carries with it an unmistakable "can do" attitude. It reflects confidence, energy, strength and perseverance. There is a definite sense of danger and risk-taking as well.

This name does not inspire patience and sensitivity, and does not promote cooperation or a diplomatic approach to problem solving. Think of this name as a masculine, aggressive, creative force.

Most positive characteristics: Strength, originality, courage, imagination, creativity, confidence. Good for competitive, high-risk ventures.

Most negative characteristics: Pride, intolerance, excessive aggressiveness. Not good for people-oriented ventures or healing, counseling and retail businesses.

And for the record the girls name we like says this:

This name reflects idealism, the good of mankind. This name is the humanitarian with the power to make things happen and the integrity to stay the course. A mover and a shaker, without a selfish bone in its body; this name attracts respect, support, and devoted fans. It seems even that the Universe tends to support what the name represents. Speaks to people of all walks of life. Tolerant and broad-minded.

This name pursues goals other than money and power. It seeks justice. It wants to feed the hungry and heal the sick. And yet, the resources it needs to do the job seem to always magically appear.

Most positive characteristics: Integrity, love for all, charisma. Encourages the best in people.

Most negative characteristics: Naive, seeks fame, vulnerable to criticism, not a good judge of character.

What do you think?

Finally, since we aren't set in concrete on a boys name at the moment, we are open to suggestions! We want something that is not common but not weird either.

Friday, December 17, 2010


I had my scan this morning and we have a very wriggly little bubba onboard! Bubs measured perfectly at 11w4d (so definately due 4th July 2011) and the initial tests for Downs Syndrome with the scan put us at very low risk but I still need to get the bloods to confirm. The skin fold was 0.9 and there was a very prominent nasal bone so the lady doing the scan said we are extremely low risk (PHEW!!) I am soooo relieved and amazed! The HG was just so giddy with excitement through the whole thing. The lady also kept commenting on how beautiful and perfect bubs looked. It took awhile to get all the measurements we needed as bubs wouldn't stay still and was waving and kicking around and doing somersaults. Heartbeat was recorded at 165bpm. I am so happy right now!

We are really having a baby! Wow! Maybe I can start to relax and get truly excited now! I have attached a couple of pics for you to see. Any guesses on the sex?

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Something freaky happened last night. Or rather, I noticed something that freaked me out upon questioning the HG about it. As previously mentioned, I put the Christmas tree up on Saturday. The HG is NOT in the slightest bit interested in decorating the Christmas tree and I don't think he has ever helped me the whole time we have been together. I don't mind too much though because I am one of THOSE people who's tree needs to look just so. I start with the lights and then start hanging up the decorations stepping back every couple of minutes to see where to put the next one and to make sure there are no gaps, everything is spread out nicely and nothing is doubled up on the same branch or placed too closely together. I'm a perfectionist and decorating my tree is no different!

So imagine my surprise when I am lying on the couch and notice that the Christmas decorations have been moved around. Seriously. The first thing that occurred to me was that there were a few gaps that weren't there yesterday and then I notice that there are several branches (and when I say branch I mean a single branch, not a branch with heaps of branches coming off it - it's a fake tree BTW!) which now have two decorations on them. Huh? So I asked the HG 'What  did you do to my tree?' to which he responded with a grunt of 'Why would I touch the tree?'. Good point. I pointed out that the decorations weren't where I had put them and that they were now doubled up on branches when I hadn't done that. He then became intrigued and pointed out about 5 branches on the tree where my decorations had been moved and were now doubled up like with a ball and a star placed one after the other on the branch. I didn't do that. He didn't do that. The cat and dog certainly didn't do that and no one else has been to our house since the tree went up.

Freaky much?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A CAT, A DOG & A BABY . . .

I can't wait until Friday. I am just so excited to see this little baby again and make sure everything is ok so I can start showing off my bump (which is becoming impossible to hide!) and start shopping!

I put the tree up on Saturday with the help of my cat and dog (if you could call it help!). The cat basically attacked the tree and chewed on the Christmas lights and the dog just sat there staring pitifully at his Christmas stocking. He remembers that the last three years treats came out of the red stocking just like magic (and being a lab with a keen sense of smell can probably even still smell them) and so has taken it upon himself to cast surreptitious glances at said stocking combined with small cries every evening. We have given it to him to show him it's empty but even still he goes back to staring at it or moves around the tree to stare at the cats stocking. The cat on the other hand has now just taken to sleeping curled up under the tree and occasionally batting a decoration. I can't put the presents out yet because the two of them will potentially destroy them (the cat likes tearing up paper). It is certainly going to be an interesting dynamic when a baby is thrown in the mix cos these two are so used to having the run of the house.

Anyone who has pets and a child  - how did they react to the new arrival? I know we have spoilt our two but until now THEY have been our babies (hence having Christmas stockings each!). Is this going to come back to bite us?

Friday, December 10, 2010


Sorry I've been so quiet. After the late night of singing and screaming at the Bon Jovi concert I came down with one hell of a cold. My body can't hack it the way it used to apparently. I took the last two days off work to recover quickly rather than risk getting sicker and I think it has done me the world of good. I feel halfway normal today!

This weekend I plan to spend quietly to avoid a relapse. I had ummed and ahhed about putting up the Christmas tree this year but have decided that I need to do it. This is a time to be happy and celebrate our last Christmas just the two of us and it doesn't seem right somehow not to put up the tree. It might help me get in the Christmas spirit that has been severely lacking. I'm not sure why it's been lacking. Previous Christmas's I spent in overload trying to be happy and full of spirit to cover the angst and pain of the holiday season without a pregnancy or baby. This year is the opposite and I think perhaps the fact I am so unorganised is what is hampering things. I'm stressed! I haven't finished my Christmas shopping, I haven't wrapped any presents and I haven't sent any Christmas cards. I think I am just so preoccupied with this upcoming scan next Friday that I can't concentrate on anything else. This is very much unlike me as I am the girl who has it all wrapped and ready by the 1st December so I can enjoy the lead up without the stress of last minute shopping. Really need to get my A into G and get this sorted so I can start to enjoy it!

Deep down I think what I am really doing is putting life on hold until this scan can confirm that we have a happy and healthy baby.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Wow, pregnancy really takes it out of you doesn't it?! I went to the Bon Jovi concert last night and it was fantastic! It's the second concert of his I have been to in the last 3 years (I'm a big fan!) and I had a blast. I wouldn't be surprised if our baby comes out familiar with the tunes after a night of singing, screaming and woohooing! I'm soooooo tired today though. We were home by 12am but I feel like I have been awake all night and run a marathon to boot.

The MS is FINALLY starting to ease off now (or so it seems anyway!) which I was stoked about UNTIL it occurred to me that not having morning sickness too bad anymore could be a bad sign? And then I had a little freak out! But I think I am just learning to manage it better and I am 10 weeks tomorrow which is about the stage I believe your HCG levels start to drop so hopefully that is all it is. We have two weeks until our 12 week scan and I am absolutely impatient to get to that day and see our little baby squirming away in there with a strong healthy heartbeat.

I've really popped now too, it's becoming impossible to hide the bump unless I wear very baggy tops and I tried on some pants last night with the intention of wearing them to the concert only to find they were VERY tight. Like, wear them at your own risk and split them type tight around the waistline. And my jacket that I practically live in won't do up across my belly without stretching (not a good look!) and yet another jacket won't do up across my bustline (huh?!). I brought some new tops but they make my bump very prominent and I want to wait until that 12 week scan before wearing it proudly at work as I don't want to have to explain to my clients at work if something were to go wrong (which it won't!) but you know . . . so some very strategic outfits will need to come into play over the next couple of weeks!

13 more sleeps!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


How could I have forgotten! I was given this award the other day from the lovely BB at Single Mom 2B and thought, right I need to do this and then promptly forgot. Is it too early in the piece to claim baby brain? Anyway, thank you so much for the award!

The rules of the award are these:

1. Link back to the person who gave it to you

2. Pass it on to five (or more) other blogs

3. Leave them a comment telling them about the award

So I have given it much thought and decided to pass it on to five bloggers who have touched my heart and inspired me over the last few months and they are:

Melissa at Whole Heartedly
Foxy at Someday
Steph at Born Still

**I also want to acknowledge another dear blog friend Gurlee who just
found out she has lost her precious baby at a little over 8 weeks.
 Please stop by and offer her some love and support at Infertility Musings **

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I'm a bit of a broken record at the moment, hence the sporadic posts! I took yesterday off work because I had the most awful Monday, I couldn't even keep down sips of water and was just exhausted and so sick that I decided the best thing I could do for myself would be to take a day off to rest and recuperate as clearly my body is exhausted. I spent most of the day sleeping and having the craziest dreams ever! Back to work today though unfortunately. I swear they should have a few weeks maternity leave available for the first trimester as well!

Really looking forward to the weekend as I am off to the Bon Jovi concert! I can't wait! Luckily it's in the evening which is when I'm at my best for some reason, so as long as I eat a large meal I should be ok. Fingers crossed!