Thursday, December 16, 2010


Something freaky happened last night. Or rather, I noticed something that freaked me out upon questioning the HG about it. As previously mentioned, I put the Christmas tree up on Saturday. The HG is NOT in the slightest bit interested in decorating the Christmas tree and I don't think he has ever helped me the whole time we have been together. I don't mind too much though because I am one of THOSE people who's tree needs to look just so. I start with the lights and then start hanging up the decorations stepping back every couple of minutes to see where to put the next one and to make sure there are no gaps, everything is spread out nicely and nothing is doubled up on the same branch or placed too closely together. I'm a perfectionist and decorating my tree is no different!

So imagine my surprise when I am lying on the couch and notice that the Christmas decorations have been moved around. Seriously. The first thing that occurred to me was that there were a few gaps that weren't there yesterday and then I notice that there are several branches (and when I say branch I mean a single branch, not a branch with heaps of branches coming off it - it's a fake tree BTW!) which now have two decorations on them. Huh? So I asked the HG 'What  did you do to my tree?' to which he responded with a grunt of 'Why would I touch the tree?'. Good point. I pointed out that the decorations weren't where I had put them and that they were now doubled up on branches when I hadn't done that. He then became intrigued and pointed out about 5 branches on the tree where my decorations had been moved and were now doubled up like with a ball and a star placed one after the other on the branch. I didn't do that. He didn't do that. The cat and dog certainly didn't do that and no one else has been to our house since the tree went up.

Freaky much?


  1. I was going to say your mum as well, she's watching over you Haidie xx

  2. ok that is a little weird......!!!

  3. That sounds like something my hubby would do to mess with me. I am a Christmas tree perfectionist as well.

  4. That is strange. Maybe one of you is sleep walking. I have heard of crazier things. Apparently my sister takes Ambien (sleeping medicine) and sometimes after she's taken it, she does online shopping and buys random stuff, like a 100 count package of parmesan cheese.

  5. It's Sho and Deb having their bit of Xmas fun!