Friday, December 31, 2010


Just wanted to wish you all a happy new year! I won't be having a late one tonight as the HG and I have decided to go fishing in the morning (yep, I'm going fishing! Wish me luck!) I'm a wee bit cautious about these plans given my morning sickness but it hasn't bothered me at all the last day or two which is why I have been brave enough to agree to go, but still . . . I am also cautious about this 4.30am wake up and having to ride in the boat down the hill to the beach being towed by the tractor! Given it'll be 5am though I think we should be safe! I haven't been out on the boat with the HG for yonks so I am actually quite looking forward to it and hoping to catch my very first snapper. Will be sure to take a photo if I do! Spent a couple of hours at the beach today too and got a wee bit sunburnt (lesson learnt - DO NOT let you husband apply the sunscreen! Do it yourself. I am now patchy!) Not bad enough to concern me though, should fade by tomorrow (hopefully!) 

I hope you all have far more exciting plans for ringing in the NY! For those of you who can drink, please have a glass of bubbles for me! I will toast you with my grape juice sometime tomorrow. 

And to finish off - below is a poem I found which I think is appropriate for many of you:
Happy New Year

If it didn't bring you joy
just leave it behind
Let's ring in the new year
with good things in mind

Let every bad memory
that brought heartache and pain
And let's turn a new leaf
with the smell of new rain

Let's forget past mistakes
making amends for this year
Sending you these greetings
to bring you hope and cheer
Happy New Year!

See you in 2011!

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