Friday, December 10, 2010


Sorry I've been so quiet. After the late night of singing and screaming at the Bon Jovi concert I came down with one hell of a cold. My body can't hack it the way it used to apparently. I took the last two days off work to recover quickly rather than risk getting sicker and I think it has done me the world of good. I feel halfway normal today!

This weekend I plan to spend quietly to avoid a relapse. I had ummed and ahhed about putting up the Christmas tree this year but have decided that I need to do it. This is a time to be happy and celebrate our last Christmas just the two of us and it doesn't seem right somehow not to put up the tree. It might help me get in the Christmas spirit that has been severely lacking. I'm not sure why it's been lacking. Previous Christmas's I spent in overload trying to be happy and full of spirit to cover the angst and pain of the holiday season without a pregnancy or baby. This year is the opposite and I think perhaps the fact I am so unorganised is what is hampering things. I'm stressed! I haven't finished my Christmas shopping, I haven't wrapped any presents and I haven't sent any Christmas cards. I think I am just so preoccupied with this upcoming scan next Friday that I can't concentrate on anything else. This is very much unlike me as I am the girl who has it all wrapped and ready by the 1st December so I can enjoy the lead up without the stress of last minute shopping. Really need to get my A into G and get this sorted so I can start to enjoy it!

Deep down I think what I am really doing is putting life on hold until this scan can confirm that we have a happy and healthy baby.


  1. Hugs Haidee.
    it's not about the presents,
    it's not about the cards,
    it's not about shopping.
    the reason for the season is Happy Birthday Jesus.
    so, friends, family, relaxing and fun.
    don't stress.
    get Internet shopping, have them wrap and deliver is you HAVE to do the gift thing.

    take care of you!!!
    sending you Love Joy and Peace.

  2. Do u think the girl that fought all those years to conceive would be happy about the girl that is anxious for that 12wk scan? I've lost 2 babies and had 1 healthy cranky/happy baby, and each pregnancy losing that baby was not a thought that I'd let entertain my thoughts. Enjoy every second or you will miss the best thing in the world..xo And put that tree up!!!

  3. I try very, very hard not to let it entertain my thoughts! Every time it pops in I send it right back out again, I've just had alot of woman around me losing babies at the moment which naturally ups the anxiety levels. Will be getting that tree up and singing along to Christmas carols this weekend!

  4. That is so understandable hunni and guess what Christmas is still 15 days away that's plenty of time to buy and wrap presents. Goodluck with your scan, I just know everything is going to be perfect <3 <3 Love Kat xx

  5. Sometimes we stress about stressing.
    It's ok hun, if the 12w scan is the priority at the moment then let that be it. Gifts, shopping, trees and xmas hoopla can wait till you are ready.

  6. I so hear ya love, I've just written a post about it myself! Have been so preoccupied that I just can't get into it this year. Just think once you have that wonderful scan on the 17th you'll still have a week to go crazy on Christmas stuff, and you can feel nice and relaxed knowing it will be a super special Christmas for you guys with your wee bub to-be. xxx

  7. Yes I do remember you being the 'ready by Dec 1st' person and wanting to kill you for it :P
    Don't worry, xmas can wait a little bit longer, you'll get organised but allow yourself to think about the baby and the scan, everything else will fit in.
    Merry Christmas :)

  8. I know what you mean. I think that we are living our life in limbo. It takes so much energy just to get through each day, stepping cautiously from week to week. Take care of yourself, and enjoy the season, whatever it means to you.

  9. I was debating decorating this year, too - we just moved, my energy level is so low, etc. But we finally did it, and I'm so glad we did! Of course, my folks and nephews came over and helped. I couldn't have done it without them!

  10. I totally feel you on the waiting game. We also have our 12-week scan on the 17th and I am so ready for it to be Friday already!! (But, who am I kidding, I'm ALWAYS ready for it to be Friday.) I think that all you can do is TRY to stay calm and relaxed as best as possible. Freak out on occasion, if need be, but then come back to zen.

    I hope that you put your tree up and that it's looking like the holidays over there!!