Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A CAT, A DOG & A BABY . . .

I can't wait until Friday. I am just so excited to see this little baby again and make sure everything is ok so I can start showing off my bump (which is becoming impossible to hide!) and start shopping!

I put the tree up on Saturday with the help of my cat and dog (if you could call it help!). The cat basically attacked the tree and chewed on the Christmas lights and the dog just sat there staring pitifully at his Christmas stocking. He remembers that the last three years treats came out of the red stocking just like magic (and being a lab with a keen sense of smell can probably even still smell them) and so has taken it upon himself to cast surreptitious glances at said stocking combined with small cries every evening. We have given it to him to show him it's empty but even still he goes back to staring at it or moves around the tree to stare at the cats stocking. The cat on the other hand has now just taken to sleeping curled up under the tree and occasionally batting a decoration. I can't put the presents out yet because the two of them will potentially destroy them (the cat likes tearing up paper). It is certainly going to be an interesting dynamic when a baby is thrown in the mix cos these two are so used to having the run of the house.

Anyone who has pets and a child  - how did they react to the new arrival? I know we have spoilt our two but until now THEY have been our babies (hence having Christmas stockings each!). Is this going to come back to bite us?


  1. I'm one of those bods whose two cats (unlike any others of course) are my precious babies and can't imagine feeling anything but utterly smitten with them, even when I finally manage to make a real human baby! HOWEVER, I saw on Oprah recently (bear with me), a new mum and pet lover who said that once bubby arrives, your cat reverts to being a cat and your dog becomes just a dog and so on, and so on for all pet members of the family, formerly known as babies. Will be interesting to see how you feel! and me I hope! :)

  2. Yay for getting the tree up! :) I've been wondering the same thing about pets. It'll be a challenge keeping the cats out of the crib and the dogs out of the stuffed toys!

  3. We're the same way with our pets. 3 labs and a couple cats. Our baby is due in one month, so I will let you know how it turns out! I'm worried they will get depressed not getting all the attention anymore. But we're going to try our best to make sure they don't feel left out.

  4. My animals were awesome with Ethan, Maisey (cat one) became his guardian and would go running to him anytime he cried. She would sit near him.. Tikka, my dog stayed pretty much the same. I did notice Maisey wouldn't sit on my belly anymore when I was pregnant and after Ethan was born.

  5. how exciting for you!! sending you best wishes for friday -- and WOO HOO @ the shopping part!!!

  6. Heya Haidee, Only just had a chance to catch up on ur blog and saw this post.. We have 2 dogs - little, inside Shih Tzu's who are very very incredibly spoilt.. One of them is absolutely in LOVE with Riley.. He checks on him all the time, sits next to him, and tries to lick his face! The other has acted a little funny, seems to be seeking attention when outside by trying to bury her bowl etc which shes never done before, and inside she seems quiet and scared.. But im sure things will improve over time, and they will be best of friends before I know it!
    Love Nikki