Friday, November 5, 2010


I've had a request to write a blog entry about what my 2WW symptoms were so here goes!

My main symptom was . . . no symptoms. I had period type cramping and that was about all! I could have sworm my period was coming but the cramping eased off to a full type feeling a few days after the positive test. The only other things I noticed were that my skin was beautiful and clear (I tend to break out in pimples at the first sign of AF arriving) and my nose randomly bled a couple of days before the test. I didn't even know that was a symptom until I posted it on my FB fan page and found out otherwise! My boobs weren't sore, I didn't feel sick (still don't) and I wasn't tired. I still don't really have those symptoms! I did feel a little bit like I had the beginnings of a cold though and my nose has stayed a bit stuffy since then on and off. So if you are in the crazy 2WW don't give up hope! It really does feel like AF and pregnancy symptoms are one and the same so don't write yourself off just because you don't FEEL pregnant because I didn't and STILL don't. GOOD LUCK!!!

I also had my third HCG test today and my levels have risen from 1036 last Friday to 12,654 today. Apparently this is really good so I am stoked. Another hurdle over, just another 6 weeks worth to go!


  1. Great news about the hCG results. This time next week you will be able to see your little bean. Glad everything is moving along nicely.

  2. Thanks for sharing!! Good luck....

  3. that is great!!!

    I am behind on blogging, have you had your ultrasound yet??

  4. Oh man. I am coming up on the tail end of my 2WW and going CRAZY!! Except I have a ton of symptoms and have already puked once (the first time in a year and a half) and feel like doing it right now. But no BFP yet! 13 dpo and nothing so I am convinced that I have somehow tricked myself into feeling these things... I am going crazy nuts right now.

    Those beta numbers are awesome! So happy for you!!