Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hey Ladies, I'm still around just not much to report!

Still no sign of morning sickness, still not tired, still no other pregnancy symptoms to speak of . . . I actually want to start feeling nauseous soon just to FEEL preggers (as crazy as that sounds!) I am now 5 weeks and 1 day. Our first scan is scheduled for the 18th November when I am 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Seems sooooo far away! In the meantime trying to take each day at a time and avoid thinking something is going to go wrong. I got the info pack from the clinic today about pregnancy after infertility and how it's totally normal for woman to always be thinking the worst because they want to protect themselves. I'm trying not to though, I promise! One day at a time and happy thoughts . . .

Hope to have some more of you girls joining me soon!


  1. Hi Hun,
    I didn't have any symptoms until I was 6.5 weeks along and I found out at 4 weeks 1day.. I am sure everything is fine.. You might be one of the lucky ones like me and not getting any morning sickness...
    Love Kat xx

  2. Honestly, I didn't have any typical symptoms during my pregnancy. I had a pretty good appetite though ;) So excited for your first scan!!

  3. Give it time luv, but I know how you feel. I think I started to get symptoms about 6 or 7 weeks. I think the IVF drugs enhanced things a bit. Then everyday I felt sick, nauseated or was vomiting uncontrollably, I was comforted by knowing that if I was this sick then I WAS pregnant. It was very reassuring in a kind of strange way. So I totally understand when you say you "want to start feeling nauseous soon just to FEEL preggers". Am so excited for you!

  4. Thanks for the update! I love reading your posts. Congratulations and hopefully you will have an easy, few yucky symptoms pregnancy!

  5. I hope I can join you soon too... I am so excited to hear about your ultrasound...Thanks for the update!

  6. It's hard not to worry, I did through my whole pregnancy, it seemed too good to be true! But our wee man was born nearly 2yrs ago and he is perfect! I too had not MS or tiredness, only really a couple of days where I felt yuck, i thought it was only fair after the infertility stuff, lol!
    I'm now on my 2ww for no2, so I'm hoping to be joining you the journey again soon, fingers crossed!!

  7. I just read your story and congrats on your pregnancy!!

  8. Love your blog and even though I haven't had as rough journey as you have had, I can still relate to that quite well as someone very close to me has had to experience something similar.

    I am so happy for you and your husband, truly wish all the best for you for the next 8 months! Try to enjoy the pregnancy and not to worry too much.


  9. Hey

    Just wanted to say a HUGE congrtulations on your pregnancy :) I found a link to your blog months ago (somewhere on ohbaby I think). I popped it in my favourites and only just now checked back and am over the moon to see your good news!

    Congratulations :)!!!!!