Sunday, October 31, 2010


A few of you have asked me what I did differently this cycle than last and whether I think it made a difference. Well, for a start I didn't overstimulate this time with my IVF cycle so when the embryo was put back it was into a much better environment. Last time it was a 4AA blastie that was put back (the best quality) BUT I was bleeding internally, swollen and had alot of fluid which I really think contributed to it not sticking. This time there was no OHSS so I felt so much healthier and it was actually a day 3 embryo and not a blastie that was replaced which I was initially disappointed with but now I am just in awe! 

Other things I did differently were:

#1 - I started writing this blog after the last failure and I really think it helped my mindset. I have felt like a new woman in many ways since I started blogging and getting the thoughts off my chest and not keeping them bottled up. I also think it opened the door for the grieving process for my mum to come to fruition as writing about it made me realise I still hadn't grieved her death properly. So much healthier emotionally!

#2 - I purchased a Preparing for Pregnancy hypnotherapy track that helped keep me relaxed and feeling positive. I mostly listened to it the week leading up to egg collection, inbetween EC and transfer and in the 2WW which kept some of the negative thoughts at bay.

#3 - I drank my smoothie every night! You can find the recipe here.

#4 - I took elevit and fish oil tablets (but I did that last time too)

#5 - I did acupuncture fortnightly.

#6 - (And probably the biggest change) I rested up on modified bedrest (ie. the couch!) for 3 days after transfer.Last time I launched straight back into work but this time I didn't. 

#7 - I was on progynova as well as progesterone as I told my FS that I felt I had a progesterone issue due to charting and so he went with what I said and added that in too for after transfer support.

But in reality, it was probably just that my embryo was a really good quality one just waiting for a nice cushiony lining to attach itself to! 

GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU STILL BATTLING TO GET THERE! I have faith that you will achieve your dreams too. It's still early days for me aswell but I'm feeling confident about this little bub sticking around. I can finally see myself holding a baby in my arms and I feel this is a great sign!


  1. i can't remember if i said a big fat CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to you or not (i decided to take a four week detox from the internet for my own sanity)

    but so nice to come back to THREE bfps for people who really, honestly, truly deserve it. enjoy every precious moment.

    i look forward to hearing every step of your happy journey.

    b xox

  2. I think you have a great point about the medication. I think lower dose protocols are better in some situations. Of course I am not a doctor, but that is what seemed to work for me also.

  3. Thanks for posting and I've heard that acupuncture works amazing but I haven't tried it yet. By the way, CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited for you!

  4. Well done Haidee, you really are an inspirational woman and it's absolutely beautiful of you to put in so much effort in this blog and to help others in their IF journey.