Saturday, October 2, 2010


After my little tantrum yesterday I am pleased to say that the puregon appears to have set in and started balancing out those hormones! I woke up to a beautiful sunny Spring morning and after a pretty decent sleep I am feeling refreshed and happy again! Yay! It sucks that the morning had to start so early (getting up at 6.30am to do my morning jab) but I went back to bed and opened the curtains to let the sun stream in and finished my Lee Child book. It would have been even better with a lovely coffee to sip on but unfortunately I had to be strong and hold out on that desire! I think the drugs may be affecting my memory though because this afternoon I made a batch of peanut brownies and popped them in the oven and wandered off to muck around for the 15 minutes they would take to bake . . . 40 minutes later . . . CRAP!! Very crispy brownies! So I had to do the whole lot all over again. 

In other news . . . THIS IS MY 100TH BLOG POST! I can't believe I have already written 100 blog entries since June! A HUGE thank you to all of you who have followed me on this journey. I appreciate the support so much and I just really hope that this cycle will result in our dream coming true. I really don't want to hit that three year mark in January! 

And to finish off - one of my lovely forum friends sent me an email last night after reading I was feeling down. She had attached a reading that was in a calendar she had brought for herself. It is written below and I hope it speaks to you as much as it spoke to me:
YOU WANT TO COME TRUE'll see. It will all be worth it
All the hopes, all the dreams. 
The sacrifices. The courage. All the hard work. 
All of it will turn out to be abundantly worthwhile.

Someday you'll open the door on a brand-new day and be rewarded 

with everything working out just the way you wanted it to. 
So never stop believing in the things you want to come true.

Just start by taking one step in the right direction. Then another. 

And if you have the faith and the will to continue on,
do you know what you'll discover?

How capable you are, how amazing you can be, 

and how patience and belief can lead to some very meaningful things 
and some very lasting gifts.

Someday, you'll see. It will all be worth it.


  1. That day is going to be soon, and it will all be worth it.

  2. Congrats on 100!! Hoping things keep progressing for you smoothly with this IVF.

  3. hi there! thanks for the comment. i'm also so excited to find another IF blogger from nz! i think you're the first one i've come across so far (and think we may be the same age too, 28!)... see that you are in the midst of a cycle right now. hope not making you too psycho! thinking of you and hoping that this round continues to go well...

  4. Congrats on 100! I hope that the next 100 posts contain the news that we are all waiting for.

  5. I just found your blog through the Stirrup Queens website. I started TTC about the same time you did. We have tried everything but IVF with and IUI in the process of failing. We are trying to decide whether or not to make the leap into IVF. I also don't want to hit the 3 year mark. I will be praying for your cycle.