Monday, October 18, 2010


And my confidence is already waning. I wouldn't say I'm not staying positive, I'm just nervous. Nervous, nervous, nervous. I'm trying my hardest not to symptom spot (given it's really too early anyway!) but since I started cramping on Saturday morning, it's been hard trying not to read too much into it. Freaking out? You bet! Still trying to be positive? Of course. Already thinking ahead to what to do next? You betcha! I can't help myself! I am already contemplating the future and what to try next. I have been thinking about adoption, meetings with bank managers, getting a second opinion, having to do this ALL OVER AGAIN. But deep down I am still hoping I won't need to and this little embie is sticking as we speak. I am expecting a call from the clinic today about my other embies but given Saturday was day 5, the fact they haven't call leads me to believe that they haven't developed and they are trying to soften the blow. Perhaps. Or maybe they just forgot or they forget just how hard it is for us. Will keep you posted!


  1. Hang in there...and talk a LOT to your embabies all snuggled up in there. :-)

  2. I need to head my own advice but try not to worry! You are doing great and are getting close! Do you think you will test?when is your beta? My SIL who is pregnant with ivf twins had cramps & thought she was out, no worries!

  3. Haidee the 2ww was awful for me too and I can only imagine it's about 20 x as hard during an IVF cycle... keeping everything crossed for you! Hopefully that cramping was the little guy burrowing in deep :)
    IF you feel like checking on other symptoms, there is a great site called and it has people's 2ww symptoms, including a section with IVF/assisted conception 2ww.
    Might make you crazy or it might ease your mind, it's up to you!
    GL Haidee!!

  4. Hang in there, not long to wait now.... STAY POSITIVE!!! That is my only advice for you...
    Love Kat xx

  5. Hey Haidee, sorry I have not said good luck earlier! Sounds like all is going well and I have been thinking of you. Are you doing a Manufactured Cycle with Progynova?

    Have everything crossed for you!

    Kate xoxo

  6. The waiting period is the worst part. That's when I always fell apart. But hang in there. Sure, it's good to know there are other options that you can look into should this not work, but please try to put the majority of your energy into thinking that this did work and how you're going to handle the morning sickness and sleepless nights. That's what I'll be thinking about for you ;)