Thursday, October 14, 2010


The worst part of all this is the waiting. Waiting to see how you are responding to the drugs, waiting to see how many eggs you'll get, waiting to see how many fertilise, waiting to see if they will develop, waiting to see if you have a good embryo to replace, waiting to find out if any made it to the freezer, waiting to see if you're pregnant. I'm surprised we aren't nervous wrecks by the end of it all (hmm . . . actually, we probably are!). It's the waiting that does my head in! Right now I am at work and waiting to find out if transfer will be today. In some ways I want it to be today just so I can get one safely onboard, but at the same time I know blastocyst transfers have higher success rates. So just sitting here anxiously, waiting . . .

In other news, the HG has been having a bad run of it lately. I forgot to mention that after egg collection we came down to the car to find the battery was flat (I was not impressed!) because he had forgotten to turn off the lights. I guess that is not entirely his fault considering we were late that morning due to traffic and roadworks and on top of the nerves, I was in panic mode by the time we arrived. I guess he can be excused for forgetting. Thankfully his dad came to our rescue. Secondly, he was working on his tractor and trying to wire something up when it all went wrong and the wires burst into flames in his hand. Again, thankfully it could have been much worse and he wasn't left with burns that were too bad. It wasn't the first time he's caught fire and nor will it probably be the last. But guess who got lumped with having to wash all the dishes because he couldn't put his hand in the water . . . (yep, you guessed it!). I swear he sometimes does these things on purpose! Who needs children when you have a husband like that huh!

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