Saturday, October 16, 2010


It is now 1pm on Day 5 and still no word from the clinic so I'm guessing I won't be getting an update today. I thought they would have called by now about the status of our remaining four embies, but I am hoping no news is good news. It means they are probably letting them go another day before making judgement as I didn't get THAT call with the no frosties news until day 6 last time (although it was slightly different as I had a blasty transfer so knew they were just watching the one until day 6 which unfortuantely didn't make it to the freezer). I would ring them but given it's the weekend I don't want to go through the circus of trying to reach anyone. So I will just try to be patient and stay positive. And eat salt and vinegar chips and onion dip which is ALL I feel like! Yum!

I'm planning to avoid googling throughout my entire 2WW (wish me luck!) and to avoid that I thought I would just ask you dear readers to share your early pregnancy symptoms with me! That way when I start freaking out about cramping (which I have at the moment) and every other thing under the sun I can refer to your posts and stop freaking out when I read that one of you had cramping and still got a BFP. And so on and so forth! So please help me stay sane and share with me! 


  1. Hey hun,
    Well for me the first 'symptom' was a dream that I was pregnant with a baby girl and it was the night we conceived that I dreamt this!! Freaky! This also happened to me with my first pregnancy that ended in miscarriage.
    Anyway...then I 'JUST KNEW' and I am talking about really early days here, like 3 weeks preggers. My boobs also began to get bigger really early!
    The 'real' symptoms didnt start until probably 6 weeks, after I had already confirmed with a preg test. These were period style cramping, which would come at the same time every day, around 5pm! I also had some brown bleeding. I am sure you remember the beginning of my pregnancy when I thought I was suffering another miscarriage due to the bleeding and cramping?
    Anyway, then I had the nausea feeling (morning sickness) and I started craving things at about 8 weeks. Like mineral water, mac and cheese, lasagne etc. Funny my cravings happened in the first trimester mainly!
    I think thats all I can remember! Oh I had stomach issues too, like constipaton! Hahahah!
    Hope that helps!
    Always thinking of you and awaiting your news! Even though i dont post much!
    Love Lina xx

  2. As you know I'm not a good reference for IPS at this point, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hopefully you'll get at least a few embies into the freezer!

  3. Hi Haidee,
    with my first pg, (using clomid) I had no symptoms at all other than the strange metallic taste they talk about!! (that pg ended at 12 weeks though :( The second time I was totally blown away, no symptoms at all and it was a cancelled cycle so you can imagine my surprise!! With my third cycle I had quite a case of OHSS so who knows what symptom was what iykwim? For me though, the earliest symptoms are sore nipples! We are all so so different though, cramping is a totally normal early symptom!!! You gotta keep busy girl. Keeping everything crossed for your embies as well xx

  4. Hey Haidee,
    The only symptom I had was sore boobs and getting bigger straight away... I never had any morning sickness or cramping or anything but just remember everyone is different hun so you could be cramping and it could be normal. I am wishing you all the best for a sticky bean and I have everything crossed.
    Love Kat xxxxx

  5. I can't share from the IVF perspective, but my first symptoms were dull, crampy AF-like pains. So much so I spent about a week in and out of the toilet waiting for her to arrive! I think the cramping lasted for about 4 weeks before it settled. Also a vague queasy feeling at 5 weeks, thats when I got my BFP and now I have a 3 month old baby girl! I am crossing all of my appendages for you - Kel x

  6. Hi Haidee, I found this blog recently, and have been following your story. I first met you on babycentre and have been following (stalking!) you since.
    I just wanna wish you loads of luck. If anyone ever deserved a BFP its you.
    Oh, as for my early symptoms - none. I had none. I did get cramping, and even spotting, so I thought I was out for that month. But no, got BFP at right at the end of the tww.
    The BFP is now my 8 month old son.
    Hang in there. GOOD LUCK and lotsa best wishes.

  7. Hi there,
    As far as any early signs that I experienced before the blood test...I got 'baby brain' about a week after transfer...I did some real ditzy things and started leaving things behind e.g. forgetting a scarf when out to lunch, and handing my own clothes to the shop assistant after trying on clothes...and being really clumsy. Then I got really hungry, and also experienced fatigue... I felt some unusal feeling in my tummy and wondered if it was the embryo implanting...sounds weird but it was sort of like when a cat sits on your lap, and paws u...kinda a gentle version of that onthe inside...hard to explain...

    All the best!!!! xxx

  8. Hey Haidee,
    My first I didn't realise I was pregnant until the day af should have shown, I took my temp and it was still high. in hindsight, I had had no AF symptoms at all which was my biggest sign, and just after AF was due my veins on my chest got really dark and boobs started hurting.
    My second a few days before AF was due I started having bad lower back pain like my nerve was pinching and really bad gas pains! That's really it, after that 4 wk mark all the symptoms started like fatigue and nausea.
    oh and as for cramping, didn't really have it until after the 4 wk mark, had some mild cramping with pulling sharp pains in my lower sides. Baby brain too (forgetting silly things!)
    Good luck!!

  9. I was never more sure AF would turn than the cycle I actually fell pg! I thought being 2 days late was just stupid PCOS playing tricks again & it was DF that said I should test, which never ever happened before!

  10. Hi Haidee

    You & I go back along way & as you know I’m not at one with my body! I’ve got some hindsight symptoms I can share with you, but during my TWW (all of them!!) I’ve never ever thought ivf had worked for me. I still don’t have any obvious pg symptoms at 10 weeks, if it wasn’t for the U/S I’d be skeptical, but anyway here’s my (subtle) hindsight symptoms:

    • Nipples were on constant high beam & slightly tender.
    • Small bumps around my areolas became slightly more prominent & my nipples went a shade darker.
    • 1 new vein on my boob around my nipple, nothing huge just new.
    • Veins in my arms became more obvious (and still are)
    • AF cramps :o) and I still get them now, sometime for days.
    • The biggest one for me is my raging temper, I regularly have to make a conscious effort not to stab people for minor offences such as queue jumping or walking slowly in front of me! I still have a temper problem which is so unlike me

    There not really the typical symptoms like MS, tiredness, massive boobs etc but we are all different, the one thing I was sure of though was that it hadn’t worked for me – absolutely convinced of it!

    I hope you manage not to Google. Google & HPT are our worst enemy during this already stressful time, just enjoy being PUPO and get used to it, because it’s absolutely your turn xxx

  11. My 3 main symptoms during the 2WW (not IVF) were:

    1) Nipples on "high beam" as above (I laughed at that one, it's a great description!)
    2) Suddenly my senses of taste and smell were super-sensitive- everything tasted great (until I started getting morning sickness a month later)
    3) The inside of my mouth went quite rough for a few days, and my gums were sore. The roughness doesn't seem to be a common symptom, but I've read that the hormones cause changes inside your mouth, and that was quite noticeable at the time.

    Keeping everything crossed for you!