Thursday, October 7, 2010


I had my first scan today and we have 6 follicles measuring between 15mm and 19mm and about 6 follicles between 10mm and 14mm. The FS who did my scan said we are doing really well and he wouldn't have me on anything more than the dosage I am on at the moment as it seems just right for me. YAY! Only took 3 cycles to get here! So looks like 6 good quality eggs so far and counting. And trigger could be as soon as tomorrow night! I was shocked when he said that. They don't usually do scans two days in a row but lucky me, he wants me to come in tomorrow anyway as he wants to see whether it is better to trigger tomorrow night (for retrieval Sunday) or Saturday night (for retrieval Monday). And of course my 4th blood test in a row tomorrow (after a horrible experience yesterday where the nurse put the needle in and my vein moved so she then moved the needle around IN my arm trying to get blood before removing it and changing arms!) Wasn't pleasant! Needless to say, blood tests aren't my favourite activity of the day but we do what we have to do.

I know it's silly but I can't help feeling a teeny bit disappointed at only having 6 as last time I was spoilt with 18, but look where that got us! I just need to repeat the mantra 'Quality over quantity, quality over quantity . . .'

Edited to add: Just had a phone call from the nurse to say my E2 levels have dropped so I now need to increase my puregon. This cycle has been so different to the last two! I have always been asked to stop the puregon, never increase it! I hope this isn't something to worry about?


  1. But doesn't that mean you have 12 follies? The others will start to catch up. This time babe you are actually having a good cycle rather than a cycle that was out of whack and produced over stimulated eggs. This time think of your eggs as being organic and healthy :)

  2. How exciting! So glad to hear that the dosage is what the doctor wants and that your follies are growing! And yes, quality over quantity is right! Grow grow grow!!!!! :-)

  3. This all sounds very promising (except the blood draw part--sorry!)! I can't believe you'll be triggering so soon! Keeping my fingers crossed that this third cycle does the trick for you!

  4. Oh wow Haidee you're already nearing trigger time! Sounds like this cycle is going to plan. i wouldn't worry about the 6 as there are still another 6 that will catch up by retrieval time. you just may end up with that magical 10-12 follicles. and i know exactly about the BT, i had that one too with the needle moving around in there and then end up having the blood drawn from my hand instead! ouch! Good luck hon. Athena xox

  5. Not meaning to sound like a great-aunt preaching platitudes, but it only takes one good egg, right? Praying and keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well with the trigger!

  6. NO worries!! It won't help, thus the advice I give to myself but honestly, don't worry!
    6 is great and the other 6 may catch up.