Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm embracing my pregnancy now (still feels weird to be saying 'pregnancy' and 'my' in the same sentence!). The HG and I just realised that worrying and wrapping ourselves in cotton wool to avoid getting to carried away and then having our hearts broken was the wrong approach. There would be no avoiding getting our hearts broken either way, so we are just going to embrace it and get excited. We went supermarket shopping tonight and brought our very first pack of nappies! We were so lost - we stared at those nappies and didn't have the faintest which ones we were supposed to be buying! Who knew there were so many different types to choose from! In the end we just grabbed a 30 pack labeled Newborn and hoped for the best. We decided we would get one or two items every shop so that it wouldn't cost us so much closer to the time. I then carried on around the corner and then realised the HG wasn't with me only to backtrack and find him still examining the baby aisle! So cute. He's being a tad over protective of me but I think it's rather sweet. I wasn't even allowed to unload the trolley (not that I'm complaining!) or do vacuuming, hang out the washing, lift the washing basket or put away dishes that require reaching up or down. Hmm . . . I could get used to this!

Also, I had my follow up HCG BT today and my levels are up from 193 on Monday to 1036 today which the nurse said is rising nicely. I went to acupuncture and had a pregnancy boosting treatment and then this weekend I have a huge chicken and vegie soup simmering in the crock pot to get all the extra goodness and a whole lot of relaxing and socialising (translate: celebrating!) to do. 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I am SO excited and happy for you. I am living vicariously through you right now... and enjoying every minute of it! OMG!! YOU are PREGNANT!! YEah!~~

  2. Embracing it is definitely the way to go!!! Enjoy every single minute of it! :)

  3. It's great that you're enjoying your pregnancy!

  4. Oh I'm so happy for you!
    Enjoy the baby shopping, it only gets better!! :)
    Have a good weekend celebrating!!

  5. That's such great news! I hope that pregnancy and parenting is everything you've ever dreamed!

  6. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog & have read through your story...

    Sending you a huge congratulations!

    I also wanted to say kudos to you for choosing to embrace your pregnancy with celebration! There will always be a tinge of worry lurking somewhere in the recesses of your heart, but I can tell you that even mothers who have never experienced a loss like yours go through such fretting and worry.

    And, in becoming a mother, you will soon find that the worry never stops. As your love grows with each passing day, you always worry. From watching their first steps, to watching them drive off in their first car...your heart is always inextricably with them. You find yourself both crazy fearful and crazy proud with each passing milestone. Your boundless love ultimately grounds you to see them through.

    So happy for you, my dear!

    -Mother to two (son: 22 years, daughter: 18 months)

  7. Still catching up on the ICLW list and wanted to send you a huge CONGRATULATIONS!! I just got pregnant on my 5th (and last) IVF cycle - and am going through a lot of the same emotions as you. It will be nice to have someone going through it so close to me...I'm due June 9th!


  8. Hey Haidee.. best of luck with everything.. I will be keeping an eye on your blog to see how everything is going with you.

    I got a BFN yesterday.. had a glass of wine to commiserate lol..

    Take care x

  9. i say ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!! you have walked such a long and difficult path to get here, enjoy being pregnant!

    b xox

    i am so happy for you!!! congrats!!

  10. Absolutely you should embrace it!! The first thing we bought when we found out that I was pregnant was buy a lullaby CD (lullaby versions of a punk band my husband loves). I think buying something just for the baby makes it seem so much more real. No longer do you just have to look at those baby things wistfully, now you can go crazy and buy them! My husband was a bit the same as your HG - I wasn't allowed to do anything much for the whole of my pregnancy, it was great, make the most of it because it doesn't last once the baby is born :-p Your HCG levels sound very promising which is great.

  11. I'm soooo sorry Angel_NZ ((((BIG HUG)))) Such a shitty time and I really do understand how you are feeling. Thinking of you and your husband.

  12. I have been in the best mood since your BFP. lol hubby thinks i'm a little mad and can't quite figure me out, but I am so stoked for you. embrace it, enjoy it, and don't forget about little old us here in blogger land ;)

  13. Haidee im so happy for you, your numbers sound great!! Have you taken the baby clothes you hid in the bottom drawer out yet? :p