Monday, February 13, 2012


Cohen is now 7 and a half months old and a hefty 8.5kg and 71cm tall. His little personality is starting to shine though and he is cheeky, stubborn, talkative and a big handful. But he's my handful and I love him to pieces.

As you can see, I accidentally changed my blog - yes, that was quite by accident. I was having a play around and accidentally deleted my old blog title image so decided to just scrap the whole lot and change things but I'm still playing with it when the motivation strikes!

I also want to address a blog comment I received asking me whether I thought I could be suffering from PND due to wanting a break from something I used to love. Thank you for your concern but thankfully I can say that I don't have PND. I think the reality is that having a child changes your priorities and I am currently just trying to adjust into a new life of being a working woman AND being a mother. This doesn't leave me with a lot of time up my sleeve for myself, so I am just easing my way into it and when the inspiration strikes and I feel I have the motivation and a topic to write about that doesn't make for dull reading, then I will start to write again. 

Babies also fry your brain. I have the worst case of baby brain right now and just thinking of the correct words to use in my sentences is exhausting! The above paragraphs have been started and then backspaced to make way for new ones when I get stuck on a word that for some reason has completely blanked. Sad but true!