Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It was a gorgeous winters morning in Wellington this morning so I went for a lovely 40 minute walk along the waterfront and felt so good for it! I plan to do that every fine day from here on in and reap the benefits of exercise and fresh air. The only thing that was missing was a lovely hot cup of takeaway coffee in hand! I have to admit though that I did have one at morning tea! Work was shouting and I couldn't resist (besides, my acu guy said to treat myself occasionally as I need to enjoy life as well as try to make babies and it's better to have an occasional coffee than decaf) And it was sooooo bloody NICE! Aaaaaahhhhh, oh how I miss my morning coffee's!

Now, there have been a few queries regarding this 'super' smoothie I have been drinking so here is the recipe for those of you interested:


3 Kiwifruit (or 'Kiwi' as I believe you call them outside of NZ!)
1 glass of Apple Juice (pure)
A slice or two of Lemon including rind
2 small handfuls of Spinach
1 Banana
Half a cup of water

Optional extras:
 Pineapple (good for implantation apparently!) I just cheat and use one tin of pineapple in it's own juice
Mixed Berries (I add about a cups worth due to the great antioxidant benefits)
Natural Yoghurt (a tablespoon for the probiotic benefit)
Nuts (Walnuts, Almonds or Brazil Nuts particularly) - just pop a small handful in of each
Sunflower seeds - again a small handful

(NOTE: Edited to add that this smoothie lasts me for 3 or 4 days depending on glass size so don't think you have to drink the whole lot and then make a new batch every day! It keeps really well in a sealed container in the fridge)

As you can see I add all the bits and pieces that I have heard improve fertility to my smoothie, making it a super fertility smoothie! I also take three fish oil tablets at night before bed (for the omega 3 to make healthy eggies) and of course folic acid and a pre-conception multi. Oh, and did you know eggs are really important as they are good for your eggs too (eggs make good eggs!) Hehe. All my research says so anyway so I eat alot more when doing IVF and I got 18 eggs on 100iu last time so maybe there's something to it! And just one more thing - my acupuncturist says to get the most benefit you should drink your smoothies after lunch as first thing in the morning it is hard on your digestive system to digest all that raw food so you don't get as much benefit as having them at lunch time, even before bed is fine.

Oh, and I got a great online deal today at a hairdresser close to my work - cut, full colour and style for $99 (usually $205!) YIPPEE! Now I will be healthy AND pampered. I love getting my hair done, always makes me feel good and is long overdue. Now, what to do with it? Maybe time for a change and a bit of a full makeover perhaps in time for my new pregnancy look? Thinking positive thoughts!



  1. Spinach in a smoothie? I'm no sure that I'm willing to try that just yet, but ask me in a few more months. Sounds like your body is going to be in top condition for your next cycle.

    I love getting my hair done too - that gloss of a new colour always lifts my mood.

  2. that really is a super fertility smoothie :) and it actually sounds yummy.


  3. You are having a lovely winter day in NZ and we are having a grey, wet, humid summer day in NJ, USA. I know where I would rather be. NZ is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. How lucky you are to live there.

    I had a fertility specialist who had the same philosophy as your acupuncturist...a little of what gives you joy and pleasure is alright, rather than a permanent substitute that isn't great either (and certainly less enjoyable). I have to say that I agree, in some areas at least, because I don't believe that total deprivation makes for a happy person. For example, giving up caffeine does not mean you can never have chocolate.

    Enjoy your beautiful day.
    Lisa ICLW #63 - Your Great Life

  4. You can't taste the spinach whatsoever! Trust me! I put two handfuls and all I can taste is the berries :-)

  5. i'm a bit iffy about the spinach as well lol.. so have been a bit scared to try this yet. maybe next week, lol