Tuesday, August 31, 2010


One of the things I hate about infertility is that not only am I struggling to conceive but I am watching so many wonderful woman struggle too. And it's not bloody fair! These woman would make the most beautiful mothers and yet we are all sharing in the same never ending (or so it feels anyway) journey to that elusive BFP. We can only do so much to help prepare for our fertility treatments but it's not always enough and we really have no control over it at all. And it SUCKS. I just wish I could see more success and less heartbreak. More pregnancies than Big Fat Negatives. More healthy babies born than babies lost. More healthy heartbeats and growing bumps than angels wings to signify the babies gone too soon. 

Who chooses who gets to have children? Why are there so many neglected and abused children in this world while so many who would make the most loving parents miss out?


  1. It is a shame, that so many of us have to struggle so hard just to reach pregnancy. At least we can be thankful that thanks to medical science, perseverance, generosity, sacrifice and adoption, the majority of us will somehow manage to cross the line.

  2. I've asked myself the same questions many times. There's really no answer. But hopefully everyone one of us IF women will become mothers. We truly all deserve it -- after all, we are having to crawl through hell to get there.

  3. This is so true. There is no "fairness" in a world that some women literally fight to be a mother while others fight to not be a mother!

  4. You are very sweet to be worrying about everybody else when you are getting started on your cycle. But totally agree that some days you really wonder, guess only old mother nature and who ever else is in charge out there really knows. But I truly believe in the midst of all of this you have to be so thankful for all the wonderful things you have ie nice hubbys! as everybody has something going on and nothing is as it seems! We are heading away for 10 days and taking a blog holiday too, so hope all goes perfectly for you in the next few weeks! xx