Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I started back at acupuncture today and I'm now feeling a bit shattered about the whole thing. I thought I was doing pretty well with my prep and the tea and all that but apparently my hormones are looking pretty terrible. Boohoo. Here I was bragging about how good I thought my temping chart was looking and my acu guy (who I have been seeing for over a year but have taken a few months off from just to have a break and save some dollars) said it wasn't looking good at all. Blah. Once he pointed out why, it made sense but I was gutted because he doesn't sound confident about this cycle for me but said he'll do what he can. I was feeling very enthusiastic yesterday and the hubby and I have been great since we had our war of words the other night, but my appointment today really rocked my confidence. He never said in so many words that he wasn't confident but he did say I'm run down and tired (which I already knew) and the only thing he can really help with is getting me healthier but there's no time for the hormone balancing since I begin in 7 days-ish. Fair enough but I'm now wondering if I made the right decision to wait so long before starting the acu again. By the same token, perhaps the fact my hormones aren't that great will help my body not to over respond again, so could be good in a weird kind of way. I guess all I can do now is carry on carrying on with what I've been doing and hope for the best! At the end of the day the acu was costing me a fortune and I simply couldn't afford it as I needed to pay off some bills in the break time prior to starting again. 

The exercise has been going ok though, although I gave up jogging in a hurry! I don't think it's normal to hear my hips clicking as I jog! I think I am way too young for that and I figure that walking is more my thing and should give up the jogging before I hurt myself, so I have been doing a 20 minute brisk walk every morning and 15 minute brisk walk in the evening going to the train station. Gotta start somewhere! Off to the supermarket tomorrow to buy my smoothie ingredients for the super smoothie I was told about (kiwifruit, lemon, apple juice, banana and spinach) so hopefully that may improve my energy levels. And I think I might sleep better now I have finished reading Twilight! I read Breaking Dawn in two days and the night I finished I dreamt all night that the vampires were after me and I was in the woods with werewolves. No wonder I'm tired!

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  1. that is a hard thing to hear from your acupuncture guy! does he/she know what those sorts of comments do to a ivf woman??? i say just carry on as you are, keep up the good work of your walking etc and it sounds to me like you are doing everything you can to be pregnant,thats all you can do and miracles do happen, everyday.... xxxx