Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Another reason I was so incredibly disappointed and upset with the results of our last IVF cycle and my response to the drugs was that I had always felt that I wanted to donate some of my eggs when my little family was complete. I naively went into my first IVF cycle thinking that at our age (people were always quick to remind me of how 'young' we were and how we had 'plenty' of time!) we would be preggers with the help of IVF in no time.  A bit like the beginning of our TTC journey but with a fertility doctor and needles thrown in the mix. Wrong again! After experiencing this journey myself and meeting so many wonderful woman through the forums I post on who are soooo deserving of being mothers but are relying on the kindness of strangers to have a child to fulfil their dream (as for one reason or another they can't use their own eggs) my husband and I decided right at the beginning that if at all possible I would like to be a donor. Now that we are up to cycle #3 however and still no luck ourselves I am not sure that they would consider me an option and that breaks my heart. Our fertility issues have never been about eggs - my AMH results came back as some of the best the clinic had seen (yay for a teeny bit of good news in amongst the bad!) and our issue was always more to do with sperm meets egg (in unblocked tube that may or may not be functioning normally) than sperm fertilises egg. Clearly if we can get 15 embryos out of 18 eggs in what was supposed to be a drug poisoned dud batch (even though they didn't make it to the end) then I really hope that this next cycle will be even better and not only will I get pregnant but I will have a FANTASTIC bunch of eggies that will prove I am worthy as a donor sometime in the future.

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