Friday, August 6, 2010


So I mentioned a few posts back that I was going to try something new in the form of a PMT herbal tea. I am the queen of trying something new! If there's something new to try you can gauruntee I have tried it or at the very least heard of it and plan to try it! So anyway, this herbal tea looks a bit like it's a collection of grass, petals and twigs that have been collected of the forest floor and blended into a tea. Tastes like it too, apart from a small hint of cinnamon, but really it ain't that bad. I have been drinking this tea 2-3 cups a day for a couple of weeks now but I have to admit that even though I was told be the lady at the health shop that they had seen some amazing results, I was sceptical. How many times have we heard that my friends friends sisters friends cousin did this and got pregnant? Yep, thought so! Anyway, so I wasn't expecting much but I am pleasantly surprised to say that my temping chart is looking the best yet!

It used to be out of whack - REALLY out of whack. I had absolutely no idea that my hormones were so all over the place until I gave in to the pressure of my acupuncturist to temp. I had resisted for a year and a half to temp as I had been told it adds extra stress to an already stressful situation but once I took the plunge and started I couldn't stop! Somehow it brought some control back into my situation. Since I first started seeing an FS I was content with the diagnosis of a blocked tube and a uterine polyp that 'may or may not' be contributing to my fertility issue. And PCOS that I did have, then didn't have and then responded to IVF drugs like I had but still was told I didn't have. Yep, I'm confused too! I took it as gospel and believed that there was no way I could concieve on my own and that was that. THEN I went to acu and started temping and found a whole OTHER problem that the FS hadn't picked up on. Dud hormones that made my cycle crap (for want of a better word!) Up and down temps that showed no pattern, a short luteal phase, low progesterone (blahdy, blahdy, blah - you get my drift) Anyway, so we FINALLY got it resembling normal the cycle before my first IVF after 6 months of fortnightly acu and chinese herbs and then of course the drugs from IVF stuffed everything up again. Since I am going back to acu shortly (first appointment back on the 17th August!) I thought I would temp again so I had something to show my acu guy and this cycle since I have been on the tea has been the best ever. I don't know what is in the tea or exactly what they are supposed to do but I recommend it if your cycles are out of whack and you are in NZ, as something in it is working! Or perhaps it's the antibiotics that have fixed the ureaplasma that have fixed things. Or the probiotics I've been taking nightly. See, this is the problem when you try too many things, you don't know which one is working!


  1. Ohh!!! Me too! I'm also trying everything! The latest is eating pineapple for 5 days after ovulation! So, what does the "PMT" stand for? I was drinking raspberry leaf tea for awhile and didn't see a HUGE change...Hum..Anyway, well I hope it works!!!! :-)


  2. Some recommendations to help implantation....

    Pineapple juice and Brazil Nuts after ov ... high in Selenium to help make a nice comfy lining.

    Fishoil 1000mg x 2 per meal to prevent inflammation and rejection of emby.

    Antibiotics would definitely sort out the ureaplasma.

    All the best :)