Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I'm happy to say that I am feeling better again today. It sucks to feel so down and out so I tend to shake myself out of moods like that pretty promptly! I think I was also tired yesterday afternoon as I actually fell asleep for a good 20 minutes at acu and felt wrecked for the rest of the day! You know how naps in the middle of the day can actually make you feel worse than before? So I try to avoid doing it but I was just so relaxed and sleepy that I drifted off without realising. 

Hubby and I also have a weekend away coming up which I am really looking forward to (and no, we are not taking the tractor!) Last IVF cycle we went away for a night too, just to spend some quality time together before the intensity and stress of the IVF cycle starts to take it's toll. I can't wait! We have a little cottage booked on a farm with full farm supplied brekky ingredients of bacon, eggs and freshly baked bread for the morning. Yum! It'll be nice to get away from the home front for a couple of days. Do you think it would be ok to allow myself a nice frothy flat white while I'm there too as a treat?! I STILL struggle on the coffee front but I haven't had one for nearly two whole weeks! How's that for determined! Woohoo! I'm so proud of myself!  It was a struggle but the headaches are gone and I don't crave them as much although my mouth still waters at that freshly brewed coffee smell . . . mmmm. And I'm happy to say that my grumpiness has eased off somewhat. My poor husband probably deserves this weekend away more than I do after putting up with my bitchy moods but to be fair, he really does need to help me out around the house a bit more and pull his weight. I work full time too so why is it even though we BOTH work full time it seems the woman always ends up doing everything? Hmm? And I know it's not just me! So as long as he carries on helping me I think we'll do just fine and I won't yell . . . for awhile anyway until the next time he peeves me off. He's just going to have to make an effort to behave! See, I'm going to make a great mum, I'm getting some good practice in discipline techniques in already! Hehe.

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  1. Have your coffee... I don't think you can fully relax without a lovely, milky coffee :-)