Monday, August 9, 2010


Relief! My kitty cat is home safe and sound! When my husband got home he was still nowhere to be seen and the food I had put out in the morning had been left untouched. That was when I started getting really worried as he is a gut! That cat can eat, you'd think we starved him the way he scoffs his food at dinner time so when he's missed 3 meals I know he's stuck somewhere. Anyway, my lovely husband who is rather taken with my cat (even though he initially didn't want one) went around the neighbourhood door knocking and wouldn't you know it . . . our stupid cat had got himself locked in the SAME deaf woman's basement he was locked in the last time he went missing! Yep, the very same one I mentioned in my post this morning. Cat's are thick. I'm just relieved to have him home! He was pretty distraught upon being found but is back to normal now. You know the saying - dog's have owners, cat's have servants. Pretty much sums it up!

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  1. Dogs have ownder, cats have servants..ohh Haidee, how true THAT is!!! Glad he was found safe and well :o)
    Kerry xox