Monday, August 30, 2010


I don't know what it is but as soon as I know I really need to start being good with my diet, the more I crave those things I shouldn't have. The last month I have been really good on the coffee front - I rode through the caffeine withdrawals and stuck with it even though the headaches were killing me. I have avoided all fatty foods (as advised by my FS) and chocolate, exercised and been a good girl! Then my period arrived . . . I have now had three coffee's since Friday and spent all day yesterday with a repeat wthdrawal headache. I had two on Friday and one on Saturday (against my will of course!). Ok, I admit that I didn't HAVE to drink them but my husband brought me two which was sweet of him - one on Friday morning because we stopped at the place that make my absolute favourite coffee and he wanted to treat me, and one on Saturday morning which he brought from the local bakery and delivered to me in bed because I'd been up half the night in agony with cramps and was super exhausted. And I had one Friday night because it was part of a set menu and they didn't have decaf (I did ask, honest!) And they were delicious! Then Sunday all I wanted was a pie for lunch so I munched down a mince and cheese pie even though I had homemade pumpkin soup in the fridge that I had made Saturday. And then to top it all off I had a Rocky Road Memphis Meltdown Sunday arvo. Bliss! Chocolate and jelly swirled ice-cream dipped in marshmallow and coated with nuts and coconut chocolate! It's funny because I haven't really been tempted in the last few weeks even though I said to myself that since I hadn't officially started it was still ok to treat myself. Then I officially start and of course THAT is when I want it! Oh well, today is a new day. Let's just call it a celebratory weekend in which I got rid of all cravings in preparation for the long 60 odd days ahead!


  1. I know what you mean. I've always liked chocolate, but I could live without it. Now that I can't have it, tho... man oh man! It's all I think about.

  2. Oh the caffeine thing is SO hard. All I want is my daily diet coke!! I like decaf coffee just as much as regular, so that's not a problem, but the soda sure is! Good for you for (hopefully) getting your cravings out of the way!!

  3. Haidee,

    Didn't you know the rule? Treats are cancelled out when AF is visiting. So all that stuff doesn't count! He he he!