Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have been mulling over a nickname to refer to my husband by on this blog for a few weeks now. Somehow I  just couldn't think of anything that was fitting but it came to me yesterday when he came home from a day out fishing on the boat announcing that my 'hunter gatherer' had returned with 27 Tarakihi (fish). It was excellent timing too as my acupuncturist is always telling me how the most important thing to be eating regularly during IVF is fish! So my hunter gatherer did very well to provide so many just in the knick of time! I must admit that I am spoilt silly where seafood is concerned as he is a fisherman AND diver and so I have decided to refer to my hubby as the HG from now on. Slightly more creative than DH but still short and sweet (hence the initials!) So it's fish for tea tonight and guess who's cooking?! That's right girls, I have a night off! This very rarely happens, I am usually the one who does all the cooking although he is the better cook out of the two of us. Why is that? Why does the woman ALWAYS end up in the kitchen?! It's such a cliche but it's always the way it seems to work. Nevermind, I'll just enjoy it tonight and next time I feel like picking a fight due to an overdose of hormonal drugs I'll remember to mention it!


  1. That is an excellent name for your hubs. Glad you're getting plenty of fish. Hope it does the trick.

  2. i think that is very fitting name for your hubby - he definately fits that name... you are very blessed - enjoy your delicious cooked dinner tonight. lots of love xoxoxo

  3. Enjoy dinner and savour being cooked for - I can't remember when that last happened for me by Guvnor!!

    #56 Miss Ruby

  4. Nice Haidee! and 20 Tarakihi that's a pretty good haul!Makes my hubbys 3 snapper he caught this morning pale in comparison haha...and good to know about the eating fish thing during IVF.(Antonia xx)

  5. Enjoy your fresh seafood...I am jealous!

  6. Lucky you;) hope you guys had a wonderful dinner together!
    I didn't know about the benefits of fish, how interesting!

    It seems we cycle together, I am soon starting my stims for a September IVF.
    Baby Dust to you:)
    and Happy ICLW #127