Sunday, May 1, 2011


HOW AM I FEELING: Still feeling pretty darn great actually! I found out at my latest midwife appointment that I have low iron reserves which explains the tiredness and mild headaches that were starting to slide in, but I started on iron tablets and got some more pregnancy multis and have felt better since then. My bump is still manageable and not so big it's getting in my way and I'm still sleeping well. Even managed to paint my toenails yesterday! Granted it was a bit uncomfortable and awkward, but I did it!

WEIGHT GAIN: I have no idea! The scales ran out of batteries (conveniently!) and I haven't replaced them. I've decided not to bother weighing myself anymore and just try and be good on the food front (ok, good most of the time . . . )

CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS:Marshmallow easter eggs. Mmmm.

MOVEMENT: He's started getting squirmier again, especially at night when I go to bed and in the mornings when I wake up. In fact he's kicking about right now!

OTHER UPDATES: Nope, the nursery is still not finished! One more coat of paint needed on the walls and we're done! But then I still have to wait for the HG to put all the furniture together for me and the weather has been too nice this weekend so I've barely seen him. Grr.

UPCOMING MILESTONES: We start our antenatal classes next Monday and I have my baby shower coming up on the 22nd May. I'm super excited for it, I've always wanted one complete with all the silly games and I can't wait! Also, only 7 more weeks of work to go and counting!

30w6d bump


  1. You're all baby! Gorgeous bump. Glad to see that you haven't gained weight on your bum. Mine tripled in size! Also be careful on the iron tablets, I was taking them too and caused massive constipation. Make sure you up your fibre intake.

  2. Such a perfect lovely bump there hon!You look great!Can't wait to hear how the antenatal classes go, and your baby shower!It's funny that is something I'm looking forward to so much as well,we been to so many other people's and it will finally be time for ours!

  3. You're bump is fantastic...definitely experiencing some bump envy right now.

  4. What a beautiful baby bump! You're almost there! It seems like it's gone by so fast (probably not to you, though!) :)