Monday, May 9, 2011


HOW AM I FEELING: I'd like to say I am still feeling wonderful and glowing with good health but unfortunately I think the third trimester aches and pains are starting to set in a wee bit. No complaints though because the longer he cooks and the bigger I get, the healthier he'll be! But I wish it was easier to put on my socks and get dressed in the morning, all those awkward angles to get legs in pants and socks on feet are a bit painful!

WEIGHT GAIN: Got the scales working again and I'm verging on 10kg. Oops!

CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS: Pretty much anything that is greasy and unhealthy! Hence the 10kg weight gain.

MOVEMENT: Still lots and lots of movement going on! The cat has taken to sleeping on my tummy alot lately and when he gets on there and starts purring the baby must feel the vibrations because he goes crazy kicking the cat really hard. The cat doesn't seem overly concerned though and stays put.

OTHER UPDATES: Drum roll please . . . the nursery is nearly finished! One more coat on the blue and we're ready to move in! Yesterday we put together the toy box and the change table and managed to do so without yelling at one another. Progress! I don't know what your partners/husbands are like but mine can be pretty impatient with this kind of thing, so I stuck with reading the instructions and let him put it together (which he he did like a pro, I was most impressed!). Only problem is that the change table (which is actually a set of drawers and cubbyholes and you just put a change mat on top) was missing a few crucial bits for the drawers . . . hopefully I get those in the post ASAP so we can finish it. The house currently looks like the store room of a furniture shop and it's driving me crazy!

UPCOMING MILESTONES: We start our antenatal classes tonight and I'm really excited. I desperately NEED these classes as right now I just feel clueless. It will certainly be interesting!

Only 56 days to go!


  1. Wow 56 days to go! Glad the nursery is all done and love that your cat has found a new fave spot hehe-must me nice and warm for him!
    Hope antenatal classes go well-can't wait to hear what they're like! xoxo

  2. All sounds great. I can't wait to see the nursery finished.

  3. oh my gosh, it seems like time has just flied by. So exciting to be finishing your nursery. I keep looking at pictures and ideas for a nursery, but in all reality, we'll probably keep the baby in our room for some time, and not actually set up a real nursery. Can you post some pictures for us?

  4. Hope you enjoyed your class!!! We quit after our 2nd class and the teacher ended up my midwife! Awkward! And 10kg is tiny, it's all bub and fluid, it's not your diet at all!