Monday, July 12, 2010


Well, I started making progress with my fitness and caffiene goals and then the weekend happened. It just happened and somehow I am now back to square one and really need to do extra work to counteract my bad habits! My husband was away this weekend so I thought I would take the opportunity to have a really girly weekend and got out a bunch of chick flicks (gotta take the opportunites as they arise!). I then decided I would indulge in some nachos made with cheese supreme doritos and plenty of tasty cheese and sour cream (yum!) to enjoy while watching my movies. These also turned into lunch on Sunday so double the indulgence. Also, since my husband wasn't there I didn't sleep too well. You know how it is when you're home alone . . . your mind can easily run away with you. I don't think it helped that in amongst my chick flicks I had also rented Shutter Island - stupid, stupid, stupid! Not the movie, I'm calling myself stupid for watching it before bed while home alone!! So anyway, I needed coffee to wake myself up in the morning and another to wake me up later in the morning (you get the picture!) Oh, and did I mention the chocolate? You can't have chick flick night in without chocolate! I know you understand . . . so back to square one today! Let's see if this week will be better!

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