Monday, July 19, 2010


Did I mention that my husband has the same kind of luck I do?

Early one morning when he was 15 years old he went fishing off the rocks at the local beach by himself and ended up diving in and pulling a dead body out of the water (I won't go into the details as it's disturbing but you get the gist). If a car is gonna crash he'll be the witness or first on the scene (this has happened numerous times!). He was driving home on the motorway one night directly behind a truck carrying the big plastic piping that they put underground when the load let go and bounced around his car, over the top and narrowly missed striking him. He caught himself on fire once too . . . but that was more his fault than anything else! You don't smoke fish with white spirits and you don't then try to put it out by jumping on it and catching yourself on fire . . . and you don't then run through the house on fire! Or sleep on satin sheets a few days later. He was first on scene to drag a guy out of an apartment that caught fire. He was then driving home just the other day and an old man in his underwear ran out in front of his car yelling that his son was trying to kill him with an axe (no exaggeration!) so he had to call the cops and be witness to that too! 

I think given the combined luck we have, surely it's time the tide changed and we got some GOOD luck!! Although having said that, the fact that he has been in fires and narrowly avoided having his head taken off by flying pipes is pretty good luck in itself! If he was a cat he would have used about 4 lives by now (I didn't mention the getting stranded on the rocks overnight during a storm and hypothermia did I? This we don't talk about as it's still too traumatising) So all in all, I guess I'm pretty lucky to still have a husband!! Now we just need a baby to complete our little family. Please?!

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  1. Thanks for the laugh. You two sound like a little pidgeon pair. He he he!