Sunday, July 4, 2010


You know what really sucks? When you pull out an item of clothing that you haven't worn in ages and for some reason it seems to have shrunk - at least that's what I like to tell myself! Today my husband asked me to do some weeding in the backyard so I thought, right, I better put on something that is appropriate for such a thing (if you know me personally you know that 'casual' does not exist in my wardrobe!) I dug out a pair of pants that I haven't worn in yonks because they were too big and loose around the waist (which makes this post even more cringeworthy!) and now they are too tight! Yes, I can do them up but I can just see myself leaning over to pull out some rogue grass and splitting them. How depressing! When pants that used to be loose are now too tight you know it's time to lay off on the sausage rolls and start moving. Trouble is I hate exercise with a vengeance. I was the girl at school who got notes to get out of PE I hate it that much! I am so totally uncoordinated and unfit. I have always been relatively slim growing up (I went through a faze of living on V's and toast while flatting) and then I got married. I blame marriage for this. Suddenly we seem to serve ourselves up quantities to match out husbands who are twice our size and get comfortable lounging on the couch watching movies instead of out dancing (which would obviously burn more calories, even with the added wine calories!) I brought a Wii fit that has been gathering dust lately - maybe it's time to drag it out again and lay off the mudcake . . . those pants were a wake up call let me tell you! Time to get serious on this weight loss! But first I must eat all the mudcake left in the fridge . . . and the chocolate. If there's no temptation left I can't eat it later! Come to think of it, maybe I should drink all the coffee left in the house too . . . mudcake and coffee do go oh so well together! And it's Sunday and Sunday is a day of relaxation and over indulgence.
With that in mind, I will start tomorrow!


  1. Ahahahaha!Oh you so sound like me Haidee...always the 'start tomorrow' girl I am, and I will always happily 'clear' the fridge and pantry of temptation first too hehehe. Maybe we should buddy up on this mission! xxx ('Jane')

  2. Ok buddy! Let's do this! I am going to get serious about this honest! I just need to find the motivation I seem to be lacking at the moment. I think I am just having too much fun having a break from it all, we really do need a break every now and again and I'm not quite ready to end it but my next IVF cycle is creeping up on me!

  3. I blame marriage too!
    I was 45kgs when i met DH and now i'm 78kg. I was 88kg at 9m PG. The contentment of marriage sux big time sometimes. And DH spag bols, creamy pastas and custard tarts don't help.
    Start now with the exercise a little a day helps even if it's just a walk around the neighbourhood. Athena

  4. Lasagne and garlic bread for tea tonight . . . that doesn't help, I agree Athena!