Friday, July 23, 2010


Ok, so I think I have gone slightly overboard on the preparation front! One minute I can't quit the coffee and I can't even be bothered going to buy some multi-vitamins, the next I go to the other extreme! I now have enough bits and bobs to warrant a drug lab. If people came to my house, they would be wondering if I was operating an underground pharmacy out of my kitchen. I mentioned previously about the new herbal tea I discovered which is supposed to 'tone' the reproductive organs, so I am having a cup of that 3 times a day. It still tastes a bit like flowers and cinnamon, but it's growing on me. Although, I do wonder if perhaps I am a bit allergic to something in it! Every time I drink it my throat feels a bit swollen and my asthma packs up but . . . I'll persevere! What's a little breathing difficulty in the scheme of things?! On top of that I raided the local health store today - I got some more pre-conception multi's, some probiotics, some fish oil tablets AND I start my antibiotics for the ureaplasma thingy I was diagnosed as having by my GP. I'm going to rattle. My hubby is on menevit and I am losing the battle in trying to get him to cut out the beer. Soon I will have to put my foot down but in the meantime I will let him have his one pleasure, considering I have a bottle of sparkling in the fridge with my name on it for Saturday. The alcohol free thing can wait till the first of August (a bit like the coffee thing, always procrastinating!)


  1. Hope something in your stash does the trick for you. I've gone from one extreme to another as well. I used to rarely even take an aspirin and now I'm taking all sorts of pills and shots. Whatever it takes, huh? Wishing you luck on your next IVF! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Hi there! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I also know what you mean about going to extremes. I was on something like 18 pills a day back in June in prep for this IVF cycle (vitamins, etc) but since I can't swallow pills that well and never have been able to, I finally cut it back to 9-11 which is much more reasonable. I hope IVF #3 is the magic number for both of us!!! Loads of baby dust to you!!

  3. Happy ICLW!!

    Don't stress about it too much, all the way along during our testing DH's sperm were amazing!! This was back when he would drink beer, eat horrible and have the occasional cigar. I made him give up all of these things and his next sperm sample was horrible. We joke that his is the only sperm in the world that needs cigars and beer.

    I hope that this cycle is your lucky one!!