Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have a confession. You know how some woman just look right at home with a baby in their arms? They cradle it, cooing and talking and the babies face lights up in pleasure while they gaze lovingly and confidently into the face of their holder? That's not me. In fact, even well into my twenties my friends would race off to find a camera if I happened to be caught in the awkward situation of holding a baby. I would always decline politely or hold a baby briefly and uncomfortably, while the baby would take one look at me and start squirming (or screaming). I am not naturally maternal. I know next to nothing about babies, toddlers or children. I have never babysat in my life and would quite frankly probably freak out if I was asked to! I have never changed a nappy. Yep, you read right! I wouldn't have a clue! I'm the girl at the baby shower who puts the nappy on the teddy bear the wrong way around or jabs the safety pin through the teddy's leg. It's not that I don't like children (obviously since I'm trying to have one!) but I am just awkward. I didn't have any little brothers or sisters or grow up around any baby cousins, so it doesn't come naturally to me. In fact, just the other day my dad told me that he hadn't even realised I ever wanted children until we confessed about our fertility issues! I think it's safe to say I am getting better though, just through spending time with my nephews and niece plus friends children. I am learning that they are really just little human beings and nothing to be scared of. But I still haven't changed a nappy. Plenty of time for that in the future!! I hear when you become a mum it comes naturally. I sure hope so or I'm going to be in big trouble!


  1. hay haidee you are more then welcome to have ashleigh for the wait the weekend hehehehe it will come naturally thou and you have soo many people out there that will love to help you when u need it :) i believe that you and hayden will make wonderful parents xx

  2. Random comment from a complete stranger here who follows your blog.

    I hadn't even held a baby before mine. Pre-kids it was give me a cat or a dog anyday. I now have 3 children and I love them to bits (when they aren't bugging me lol) Just kidding. I am not going to be the woman on the treasures ad or those breastfeeding ads where they are gazing at each other. I still aren't overly fond of other peoples kids but when it comes to my own my motherly instincts kick in and I will protect them to the end. I will provide as much as I can for them and ensure they know that I love them even if I don't say it all the time.

    My three have survived and are pretty good for it so yes it does come naturally. Like everything it is a learning curve but all of a sudden one day you look back and think aaahhh now I know what they meant. Good luck on your journey.

  3. Have no fear. My husband had never changed a baby until he and his first wife had the Kiddo. He said he was a natural at it after about a week.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  4. From ICLW. I had to smile at your post. My sister was the baby crazy one. She knew she wanted to be a Mom forever. Not me. I was in my late twenties and never really thought much about kids. Until I married a man I knew would be a good Dad and finally went for it. Turned out that I was the mother bear of Moms once I had a child who needed me. Even my Mom was surprised. She figured I was gonna be the "career woman"- like you couldn't be both!! You'll see. You'll be a great Mom!!

  5. You sound exactly like my sister did last year. Even at her own baby shower she was awkardly holding a friend's baby and when he spit up she almost tossed him back to his mother. But the moment he held her own child that all changed. She is a wonderful mother as I am sure that you will be also. Hope that it happens for you soon!


  6. It makes perfect sense that if you've never spent a lot of time around babies, you feel awkward around them! I don't think that has any bearing on what kind of mother you'll be! In fact, the awkwardness might even mean that you're a mindful and cautious Mom, which could be a great thing!

    Thank you for your comment! I love your blog and am now your newest follower. Hope to be able to follow along til your baby is born and beyond!

  7. I love that you call a diaper a nappy- at least that's what I'm assuming a nappy is.

    Babies are awesome, and fun, and they are pretty simple. Best of luck fo you! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Ditto! I was terrified while pregnant that I wouldnt love my baby because I sure didnt love other peoples kids. Seconds after he was born I was totally in love and somehow instinct kicks in. BTW I still feel awkward and resist holding other peoples babies though. Sending babydust x