Tuesday, July 13, 2010


As you can see above, I just started a Facebook page for my blog. I initially wasn't going to because I wasn't quite sure how to go about it but after two hours of frustration last night (hence no blog entry!) I have it up and running. I spent most of the two hours uploading all past blog links and must offer sincere apologies to those of you who hit the 'Like' key BEFORE I had finished uploading (ok, before I had started!) I should have added the 'Like' link to my blog after I had done all that so as to not bombard everyones News Feeds, but I clearly wasn't thinking. The funniest part is that I bombarded my own news feed and when I logged on this morning I let out a bit of a groan when I saw all those posts from myself! Who is that annoying woman posting a million links . . . oh, that would be me! So I'm sorry, lack of caffiene and all that! I put on my own personal status update tonight that I would from now on only be posting new blog entries on my blog FB page, therefore not letting every Tom, Dick and Harry on my friends list know. I can just imagine the sighs of relief that brought to many of the male species who have been wondering what all this Maybe Baby stuff is all about and surreptitiously looking over their shoulders to make sure no other male present in the room could see the crazy woman on their newsfeed posting about some infertility stuff! In fact, I wonder how many men I have left on my friends list who haven't blocked me by now!

It was bad enough trying to explain during coffee breaks how this whole IVF stuff worked to my four male workmates (I'm the only girl  so you can imagine how disappointing that was when you come back from scans all excited and have only men to share with!) However, I would say that they are the four most eductated men on the entire process of IVF now, much to their dismay! In fact, I made one of them jab one of my needles (empty of course!) so he could see what it was all about, and see what I had to do every day. That was a fun day! Same workmate who chewed one of my chinese herbs on a dare and has never let me forget as apparently they do taste as bad as they smell! When I got my drug kit we all went through it together (ok, maybe I went through it and showed every item like a show and tell at school but I was excited!) and we had a bit of a laugh when I said very loudly that I couldn't work overtime as I had to go home and do my drugs (much to the visiting electricians amusement!) I then had to explain that I didn't mean drugs drugs but he wasn't convinced.

Moral of the story - hit the 'Like' key so I can maintain some male friends! Thank you!

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