Friday, July 9, 2010


I thought I had better do an update about how I am getting on in the fitness and caffiene stakes given that it's Friday and exactly a week since I decided to tackle this challenge . . . I'm actually (surprisingly!) not doing too bad! I have cut down to one coffee a day (except one day but I had a lunch date with a friend and they didn't do decaf at the cafe. Ok, maybe I didn't exactly ask if they did decaf but it was a special occasion!) and I've perhaps been a little bit scratchy but it has been a pretty smooth transition all in all. Now to get ready to cut it out altogether! (GULP)

As for the fitness - I've still been exercising the Wii way and I've been doing pretty darn good if I do say so myself! Did you know you can weigh your pets on Wii fit? My cat weighs 5kg! I did that on Wednesday as part of my 30 minutes exercise routine. I also stood on an iceburg dressed as a penguin and slid from side to side to catch fish and gain points. Um . . . hmm . . . as for the actual exercise . . . ok seriously now, I have been doing the cycling which is hard on the legs and some boxing and what not. I can honestly say I am actually making somewhat of an effort! No weight loss yet but hopefully by next Fridays update I will have lost a little bit. I might need to actually start doing the aerobic exercises instead of the balance games though! I just can't help myself, I like the balance games! They're fun and they don't require much energy. Which kind of defeats the purpose. Do I still get a stamp for effort?!

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  1. Yep! Definately a stamp for effort on the exercise and another one for the cutback on the caffeine!