Thursday, July 15, 2010


Women and cats will do as they please, 
men and dogs should relax and get used to it.

I realised tonight that I am perhaps over compensating for my lack of a child with my fur babies. I thought I would go and find a couple of photos to share with you and couldn't believe the number of photos I actually have of my cat!! OMG! It is almost embarrassing. You would think that he was my actual child the number of photos I have taken. I have to say though that I think they're pretty darn cute but I'm just a tad bias. Shimano is our 5 year old black labrador and Yeti is my precious kitty and they are SPOILT. 

I do wonder how they are going to react when the time does arrive and a newborn human baby is thrown into the mix! They won't know what's hit them! The cat has run of the house as most cats do (you knows what they say - dogs have masters, cats have servants!) and he knows it. He sleeps on my feet every night, demands food and attention and has a tendency towards jealousy. The dog has a tendency to sneak up on the bed himself in the middle of the night if it's cold and I'll wake up with the dog between the hubby and I (please keep in mind I am talking about 45 kilos of dog!) and I can barely move. Obviously when I DO get pregnant, then this scenario is not going to play out well! They also get Christmas presents . . . yep, they get their own stockings stuffed with goodies which they get to open on Christmas morning. Shimano's usually consists of a giant chew bone and some other treats and this year Yeti got a giant catnip mouse which he loves. Pets are like children to many of us because that is all we have, so we do seem to transfer all our love to them. However there are going to be some seriously put out cats and dogs out there when we do all finally achieve our dream!

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  1. LOL this reminds me so much of our situation before kiddies. Have to admit that sadly when baby arrived the situation really did change and I feel bad that our poor pets have really had to take a back seat. They are still much loved though and they do know it, but it was a big shock to their system. On the other hand i have had no dramas with any of my pets with the kids, they have all been perfect!
    good luck Haidee, hopefully your fur babies are happy to have human babies too!