Thursday, September 30, 2010


I start the puregon tonight! Finally! I feel a bit like it has taken forever to get to this point but by the same token it also seems to have come about really quickly. My first BT is on Tuesday to check how I am responding and what my E2 levels are up to (last time they were ok for the first BT and then went crazy afterwards so hoping for a more steady rise this time) so until then I won't have much to contribute. Still feeling pretty tired and headachy today which isn't cool but I am really hoping the stims will balance things out in my body a bit more. 

Let the fun stuff begin!

I was also tagged by a fellow blogger a few days back to answer a bunch of questions and I haven't got around to it until now. So here goes:

(1) What is your dream occupation?
I would love to be a digital designer but as I am a perfectionist I fear I would spend too long fiddling around with different shades of the same colour for hours on end and never complete anything!

(2) What is the best dish you can cook?
Does baking count? If so I discovered a chocolate cake in a recipe book a few years back that is DELICIOUS and I have adapted as my own and is certainly my signature dish/cake. I get requests for it all the time and as I LOVE to bake I don't mind! I find it great for easing stress. As for actually cooking? Not something I enjoy and you'll most likely find me in the kitchen cooking a 'just add sauce out of a jar' type meal.

(3) Have you ever been mentioned in a newspaper?
Yes, I was dux of my high school so was mentioned in several papers for that achievement. Having said that though, if you knew my high school you'd know it wasn't such a feat! Enough said.

(4) What's the worst and most memorable job you ever had?
I don't know about the worst but the most memorable was definately spending a summer working as a camp counsellor at an American Summer Camp in the US. As I'm a Kiwi gal this was quite an adventure for me! Can't say I'm used to chipmunks in my sleeping bag . . . or having a tarantula lurking in a roll of paper in the arts and crafts room I worked in! Not to mention the food! I put on about 5kg in 8 weeks!

(5) When you were a teenager, at what age did you envision yourself getting married? How old were you in reality when you got married?
I can't say I really envisioned myself getting married when I was in high school! It just wasn't on my mind. I wanted to travel the world a be independant and I guess marriage was something to think about later in life. In reality I got married at 23! My mum dying changed my whole outlook on life.

(6) What’s your most hated household chore? What’s your favourite?
Is it really possible to have a favourite household chore? I hate all housework! No favourite here but I hate changing the sheets the most - I know that sounds silly but it's such a mission getting the duvet back in the cover, I hate it!

(7) What’s your earliest memory?
Being a bridesmaid at my mum and step-dads wedding and not being allowed Coke at the reception in case I spilled it on my white lacy bridesmaid dress! My step sister was about 7 (I was about 4, neraly 5) and she was allowed but I wasn't and I was outraged!

And so it's my turn to tag some of my fellow bloggers! If it's not your cup of tea then don't worry about it but I'll put it out there!

So I'm tagging three bloggers:

Sarah @ The Rocky Road to Motherhood
Cortney @ Inconcievable
B35 @ The Journey to Our Three Little Kilos

I'll shake it up a bit and mix the questions up with a couple of new ones so they are:

(1) When you were a teenager, at what age did you envision yourself getting married? How old were you in reality when you got married?

(2) What is your all time favourite TV series and why?

(3) What is your earliest memory?

(4) Who is your biggest inspiration?

(5) Which country would you love to visit?

(6) In a past life you think you were . . .?

(7) How many kids do you want and has that changed through IF?


  1. Good luck with your stims this time!!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a nice smooth rise!

  2. the idea of your chocolate cake is making me hungry!

    i also get really frustrated changing the sheets. the tucking in of the fitted sheet likes to challenge me, and agree with you 100% with getting the doona into the cover....grrrrrr!

    i see the tag -- i will respond! and thanks for adding in some extra questions because i was also tagged by someone else for the same Qs, so it's good to have a mix-up.

  3. Best of luck on your 'fun stuff' :-)

  4. Alright, another step closer. Good luck and thoughts for a healthy, steady rise.