Friday, September 24, 2010


That's right, tomorrow I am getting my hair done and I am going for a completely new look. I am going dark! I have been brunette before but I went back to my trusty blonde and now I'm switching back. And my hairdresser is going to kill me if I turn up at her salon again in several months time demanding to go back to blonde again! In fact, I think my hair would fall out if I did that, it is in seriously bad condition! So I'm taking the plunge . . . EEK!

Following that I am taking the HG out to dinner for his birthday. He turned 28 on Tuesday and I thought it would be nice to get my hair done, get dressed up and actually go OUT for once. We don't go out much. It's really quite sad! We just can't afford it and it sucks but we've spent our money on things like putting in a driveway and other house renovations which doesn't leave alot of cash for going out every weekend. Or new clothes. Or 6 weekly hair appointments (hence the change to brunette!). I can't wait to not be able to afford to go out due to spending money on fun stuff - like cots, baby clothes and everything inbetween! I'm going to have a field day when that time comes (and the HG is going to hate it!) 

We don't shop together nicely. Do many couples shop together nicely? Probably not. To give you an example, when we brought our house there were no curtains so we had to go shopping for curtains for every room in the house. And in amongst the curtains in the local Spotlight store we very nearly got divorced. It was so bad we ended up getting back in the car with no curtains, driving to his parents place and bringing his mum back to the store with us as a mediator. I am not kidding! I had woman walking past me shaking there heads in sympathy. So I wonder how this scenario is going to play out in the baby shops? Hopefully we get to find out very soon. Minus the divorce.


  1. Next time, just go and buy the curtains without taking HG, and hang them. Wait and see how long it takes before he notices... It's good for a laugh!!

  2. HA! This post made me laugh, 'cause I went red from a box color, then showed up at my hairdresser and wanted it back to blonde and I thought she was going to smack me. And now, of course, I am kind of wanting it to be dark again. Oy.
    Happy ICLW, and hoping the third time is the charm for you! I will check back!

  3. You will have to post a picture of the new hairdo! I always think of going to brunette but I keep chickening out!

  4. Hope you enjoy your haircut, it's been like 6 months since I had mine done, just no time. I'm certainly going to follow you too! It's so nice to find another fellow IFer at the same point in this struggle as I am. Thanks so much for your comment, really meant alot to me! Can't wait to hear how your IVF progresses.

  5. My husband and I very rarely shop together but we come to agreements after a while. I think we're both pretty easy going and have the same taste...he just hates shopping, I love it! haha

    ICLW #115

  6. I think a new hair colour sounds like a fabulous idea - just in time for spring. My husband and I often disagree on decor - I love bright colours and he likes neutrals.

  7. My husband and I usually avoid shopping together, particuarly for stuff around the house. Nothing ruins a nice Saturday more than a trip to IKEA.

    ICLW #75

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am now following you!

    Enjoy the colour - it is always a nice treat. Due to budgets I have been doing it by myself at home and it just is not the same!

    Me+Dude+Shopping=Huge fight! hahaha

    Have a great weekend!

  9. oh goodness, i TOTALLY get you on this not being to shop with the husband. my husband and i are the same way and it is KILLING me as we prepare for our little one to come home (we are adopting a baby boy from korea and waiting for him to be home!)

    too funny.

    happy iclw!

  10. Haha, we just had an argument about how to decorate stepson's bedroom and I just thought "Why don't you just let me decorate!" It would be soooo much easier. Why do guys care so much these days?!