Monday, September 27, 2010


Well, I needn't have worried because pretty much as soon as I posted my blog query I started getting cramping and sure enough she had arrived by 9.30pm. Yay! One less thing to worry about. Bring on the stims! I'm rearing to get started now. I was saying to the HG yesterday that I think I am more nervous about egg collection this time than I was last cycle because I know just what to expect. And it ain't pleasant! In NZ if you are doing a govt funded cycle then you are awake for the whole thing. Of course they stick a needle in your hand to administer some painkillers and give you an oxygen mask but I swear it did NOTHING for me last time. It started off ok but by the end I was shaking with pain and it was awful. Then I nearly passed out getting up and needed to take some deep breaths before being wheeled back to my cubicle in a wheelchair! How embarrassing! Folllowed of course by 5 days recovery. So of course, having that experience to fall back on, egg collection is not on my list of things I want to repeat. But we do what we have to do and hopefully with a lower dosage we'll get less eggs which in turn will make the procedure less painful. Here's hoping!

Thanks to everyone who replied to my query and commented on my new hair colour! It has actually already started fading from a deep red to a reddy brown and I love it! Nothing like a change to put a spring in your step. I highly recommend it!


  1. I hear ya, it is pretty painful at my clinic too.

    Thanks for stopping by to congratulate me today!!

    Keep up the commenting, you can do it!!!

  2. I have just started to follow your blog. Very interesting. Im going to start IUI (artificial Insemination) soon so am getting a bit nervy that this may not work also. Sometimes feels like it will never ever happen! grrrrrr......

  3. I got a funded anaesthetist for my second public funded cycle because my first one was so excrutiating. Why don't you ask your clinic if it's an option for you?

  4. Oh sorry, have just seen that you're in Wellington and I don't think they have the facilities for G.A :(