Saturday, September 11, 2010


Thank you to all of you who posted comments and advice to me after my mini meltdown last night. The HG didn't actually get home until 2.30am! I was not impressed! He knows he stuffed up though and has been most apologetic. I was livid and hurt at first but have decided the healthiest option is to just move on and put it behind us. I have to say though (now that I have calmed down!) that through all this he has been amazing, so this is an isolated incident. He has cut back majorly on the beer front and never exceeds one or two. This would only be the second time all year that he has even been out drinking (not counting the occasional beer with mates) and I wouldn't normally have a problem with it, except that we are now 15 days into this cycle and so to me that means giving it our all. 

One of the comments mentioned that perhaps he needed this last blow out to blow off steam before being able to knuckle down and concentrate on this cycle and that's exactly what he said. Sometimes it's easy to forget that our men are also facing just as much stress and anxiety as we are in regards to fertility treatment. His punishment is that he has felt miserable today with a hangover from hell (which he claims has nothing to do with how much beer he consumed but rather how the low alcohol beer didn't agree with him!) and he has to cook me dinner while I get to lounge on the couch. Hehe. I can tell he truly feels miserable about the hurt he caused me and regrets that he let himself get carried away. I still don't think I overreacted but I don't think dwellng on it will help either of us. Oh, and he's promised to take me out for the day tomorrow too! And you know what? I might even treat myself to a coffee!

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