Thursday, September 9, 2010


So I just realised that I am now considered 'experienced' when it comes to IVF treatment. This time last year I was a few month away from my first IVF cycle. I had done a whole 6 months of fortnightly acupuncture to prepare, had exercised (somewhat) for several months, given up the caffiene and was rearing to go. Full of excitement but also nervous as anything. I was scared that I would forget to do one of my injections. I'd had it hammered into me that IVF was like performing a strict military operation with all the drugs having to be administered within a strict timeframe. I was terrified of injecting myself. How much was it going to hurt? I couldn't even imagine it but knew it had to be done and was willing to do anything.

Fast forward to now and suddenly I'm the girl on my forums going 'Oh no, the injections are fine! Don't feel a thing. Just shove it in there! Nothing to worry about it. The more you do it the easier it gets!' That's because I have spent approximately 12 weeks of this year jabbing myself with needles! I can also give advice on OHSS, egg collection, embryo development and all the rest of it. Who woulda thought!

So, I'm off to pick up my drugs today and a week away from that first jab and the joy of down regulating and all that comes with it! But at least I'm not worried about the injections this time - I'm now considered a pro. Oh well, pays to be good at something!


  1. oh man i can really relate to that! i remember being obsessed when i did my first cycle, reading everything I could and freaking out about doing the injections, by the third one i was very blase about the whole thing. even the aftermath of it not working was easier, i fell apart the first negative result but it only took one week to bounce back after the 3rd, good luck i believe in the slogan never give up, i havent xx

  2. I felt the same way this time around! I even felt relaxed about the whole thing because I'd done it before and it failed, so I knew I could even handle the letdown of that. It's funny that you can become a "pro" at something like IVF.

    I'm crossing everything that this is the beginning of your positive cycle :).

  3. We are experts and that sucks but it sure makes the process less stressfull.

    I am sending you good, good, good vibrations!

  4. Once you have a baby, you can take him/her for all their injections. If they are frightened, just tell the doctor to inject you first, and they will see that you don't even flinch.

    Hope you're suppressing nicely.