Saturday, September 18, 2010


Well, I got up at 6.30am and did my jab like a good girl. I was already awake though, thanks to somebody in the bed beside me who has a blocked nose and was snoring like a train. And a cat that wants to be fed so tends to wreak havoc on my bedroom in an attempt to force me to get up. He jumps on the set of drawers and knocks things off, digs through the paper bin in the bedroom and starts ripping up bits of paper and then proceeds to the bathroom to destroy a roll of toilet paper before jumping up and staring at me. Works every time and then we repeat it over the next day. He is a troublemaker that cat! I hope my children are better behaved.

In other news, two days after starting the down reg drugs my anger management has taken a dive. Last cycle these drugs made me emotional. In fact, last cycle the pill made me a basket case! It hasn't had that affect this time but boy did the HG discover I can snap last night! I came home from work starving and put some pasta on to cook while I was doing the housework. I then went to drain the pasta and my hand slipped and the whole lot fell in the sink. I was NOT impressed! I stomped around a bit and the HG came down to ask what was going on (after a few choice words were yelled out) and he laughed. NOT A GOOD IDEA. I was ready to THROW said pasta at him. I was threatening him with my tongs. I slammed doors. The cat and dog hid. After alot of ranting and raving and threatening to throw a pot at his head for thinking it was funny I calmed down and the HG got me to laugh about it. But I didn't find it at all funny in the beginning! And the HG revealed he was a bit scared I was going to knock him out with the pot. Haha. Ok, so the drugs are definately doing there thing! 


  1. Oh boy! It does sound like they are doing there thing. It is sooo great when the hubs can help you to take a step back and laugh!

  2. Sorry but I am with HG on this one. You were having a 100% hormonal moment and the idea of you throwing pasta at him is hilarious. My DH would be scared for his life since we have several knives in the kitchen.