Saturday, June 19, 2010


"Keep trudging or you'll never reach the top"

Quite frankly, I think our stork got lost somewhere. We went into that first month of TTC (trying to concieve) with nervous anticipation and excitement - we were going to have a baby! This was it! But nope, that month came and went and we weren't one of those lucky couples who concieved first month trying . . . nor within the next 11 months that flew past. My woman's intuition told me something was wrong after about 6 months. It made no sense to me that a woman who had always had cycles like clockwork and was only 25 years old could have any fertility problems so I was convinced that it was something to do with my husband (the poor bugger!) He had glandular fever at the time so I googled that madly wondering if it could be the reason we were having trouble. Next came the thought that all those years of painting and chemicals he works with were to blame - I put him on all sorts of natural vitamins and minerals (so many he used to say if I shook him he'd rattle!) to try and get rid of everything and anything that could be in his system or perhaps all the beer was making the little boys too drunk to know which direction to go in? Being the control freak that I am it was off to be tested at the 8 month mark (even though they say anything up to 12 months is normal I couldn't wait that long!) Hubby's analysis came back fantastic despite the glandular fever which had knocked him for six and left him 8kg lighter . . . which left me. How could that be? I was initially told my blood tests came back normal but upon our first visit with the specialist I found out that in fact my progesterone was on the low side. BUT we had a solution! He prescribed us the fertility drug clomid which helps with ovulation and told us we would be pregnant within a year. WOOHOO! This was going to get us pregnant! Much to our dismay this 'solution' wasn't to give us any results either. All it did was make me grumpy and hormonal and prone to the odd manic feeling of wanting to smash plates for the fun of it (anyone who has been on this drug knows what I am taking about!) They say if you haven't concieved within 6 months of being on clomid then it isn't going to work. I was devastated - now what? Back to the specialist we went . . .

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  1. I remember the start of your TTC journey sweet. It really brings it home how long youve waited for your baby, to think back. Im crossing everything that your amazing and already much loved little one is not too far away.